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It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

My blank slate

Every morning, I have a literal blank slate to write my thoughts on. Occassionally,I will write my thoughts at night before I go to sleep,but I don't get as much satisfaction from that. Mornings are fresh. I am renewed from a nights sleep.The routine of our day is just beginning. At this moment, everything feels right. It has the chance of being a good day.I can hear Bob making coffee. That is a sound that is part of our day. Cricket is still asleep on the pillow that we threw on the floor. I remind myself that I want to buy two new pillows for upcoming guests. That starts the brain going for all of the chores that I still have to do to get ready for both company and our trip. This calls for a trip to WalMart. Now, I am in a different mind set. The fog of waking up and having the comfort feeling of being in a warm bed, with a hot cup of coffee has been replaced with a to do list. No fair. I liked it the quiet mind set way. Now my list is growing. Paint for the inside of the medicine chest, pillows,extra light bulbs. Wait up here. I haven't finished my coffee. It's never too late to start the day over. It's only 5:30.Every morning, I have a literal blank slate......

What exactly is in a name

I was accused of talking baby talk to Cricket. I do not. Is"Pookie PooPoo" baby talk. Or "Crickie Dickie" ? Or "baby Girl". Those are good, happy sounds to Cricket. She responds in kind with a kiss or tail wave. What's baby about that? We never abbreviated our kids names. Or mine. Leona is Leona and that is that. It is true that we refer to our youngest, at times, as Air Bear. Have no idea why. If someone calls me Lee, I am startled. That's not what I know. My husband was called Bobbie by a special Aunt. She called him that until she died, in her 80's. But  I never think of him as a Bobbie.  His name is either Robert or Bob. Pure and simple. Sometimes, I think that you live up to your name. I have two friends named Rose. And they remind me of roses. I can't think of a more suitable name for these two beautiful woman. Names can date you . I have not met a Leona younger than 79. I like old fashioned names. Or joyful ones, like Joy.I have a Grandson named, Abraham. I asked him once how he liked having such a Jewish name. He responded that he loved it. It is who he is. It made him stand out. Good for him. It's never too late to like the name you were given at birth. Like your birthday, you can change it if you want,but it is who you were meant to be.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

The Grandchildren. What can I say.

It's easy being a Grandma. The grandchildren visit and then they go home. They come, we spoil them and then they go home. When they were infants, my rule was, as soon as they sleep through the night, they can spend the night without a parent. We have taken them on trips without their parents. We have been on display , as relics, for school projects. We attended school plays and band concerts and spent hours sitting on a cold floor watching Martial Arts tests. And college graduations and now, moving into weddings. It is so special being a Grandparent. The trust that the grandchildren put in us not to tell their parents something is special. We feel very blessed to have five of the best examples of grandchildren. It's never too late to appreciate the example that their parents set for them. We must have done something right.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Benjamin, I'm waiting

I won. I won. I won a little bit of a lottery. I had asked my children, their spouses, their signifigant others, and my Grandsons to give me one lottery ticket from whichever state they live in. This encompasses a lot of the United States.New York, Washington state, Washingtom D.C. or Maryland, Illinois, Colorado,Massachutes. And I won $25. I am underwhelmed, but I will take it. It's more than I have ever won on any other time that I bought a lottery ticket. I am never sure what to ask for when I buy a ticket. I see people bringing a list of numbers. I just do quick pick, unsuccessfully, I might add. maybe I should have a list. Do I even have a series of numbers that I like. If I did, can I remember them. Quick pick is made for someone like me. When I hand over my $1 to the cashier, I just tell that bill "goodbye". I must have a bad attitude and that is why I don't win. I am sure that the kids and grandkids that bought me a lottery ticket thought that they were going to win BIG for me. And I did. I got the whole family involved in my birthday, no matter where they live. And we all came together over the thought that we may be rich in a few days. It was a great way to welcome a new decade. And $25 is still better than nothing. Now, as soon as I get that money in the mail, I'll spend it on something special. Maybe a cook book.Then every time that I use it, I can be reminded that the proceeds from that lottery are in this book. Now it's never too late to wait for that check,I'm waiting.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Organized and more than ready

The first thing that Bob said to me this morning is "20 more days". It's going to be a good week.. It is great to see his enthusiasm. That doesn't happen often. We are gettting down to actually believing that we are about to do this. The news in other countries isn't so cheerful. I'll take my chances being Jewish in Israel. There are things that I have scheduled for this trip. I have one more appointment at the beauty salon. Bob has a hair cut scheduled for today and one for the day before we leave. I ordered 5 rolls of Cricket's favorite dog food. I will pay my credit cards before we leave and no more will be due until we get home. Have I forgotten anything. If I did, I still have 20 days to fix it.It's never too late to be getting butterflies when I think about what we are going to do. Last night, I got one more name of an Israeli to visit. My list grows. I am just so lucky.

it's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

Surprise what a pair of fuzzy pj's can remind you of

I bought a fuzzy pair of pj's to take on my trip. Since I got married, I have worn only nightgowns. Growing up, kids wore pj's. At least, that was my experience. Only in the movies, did all females wear nightgowns. Usually white. And yes, there were movies in technicolor back in those days. As soon as I put on these pj's I started to remember childhood friends. Slumber parties,friends sleeping over after we made the phone call to parents asking if it was OK and the response coming back, "let me talk to her Mother".I had no idea that fuzzy pj's could make me think of Margi Malony or Carolyn Mc Call.I would have bought some sooner. Both of these girls were out of my family league. Both went on to be introduced to"society" with Debutant balls . I was not invited. But that didn't matter when I was in 8th grade. Latter when it did matter, we were no longer close enough for slumber parties. But we had so much fun together back in the pj stage of growing up. It's never too late to wonder what became of these two girls. I know what became of me . It's all good.

It's never too late
leona uchitelle

To wear or not to wear my glasses

I had my appointment with my eye doctor today and I brought my hebrew reading with me to show how small the print was and I needed help with my blurry eyes when I read it. I showed the nurse the printed copy I brought and with a straight face, and no humor, she said it looked like a foreign language. Duhhhhh. Then the Dr. said that I didn't need my glasses, except when reading. I've worn glasses for the last 35 years. I don't know if I can adjust. He told me to just go and buy some cheaters at the Dollar Store. I did. But I feel undress without my glasses. I can see perfectly fine without them, but my face feels incomplete. I think I will have to use mascara or something to feel dressed. How do people manage to keep their cheaters where they can have them. With my glasses, I just put them on in the morning and took them off at night. Sorta like underwear. Tonight, I had to find my new cheaters to use when I started the dishwasher. I couldn't see the right buttons. It's never too late to know that I might go back to my wear all day glasses. I'm such a wimp.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Make it nice and dry.

It snowed in Jerusalem yesterday. That is exciting news. I was there in a January and it snowed then, too. But in a few hours, it is washed away by the rain that follows. They really need the rain. And, like places that don't usually have snow fall, they go crazy when it happens. I read in my NBN group emails, that someone wanted to buy snow chains. Really now. For two inches ! Schools were closed and everyone got nervous. Bombs , they can handle, but snow ! I guess Mother Nature wins.

Let it snow and rain now. Get it out of its system. Make it sunny and clear when I am there. Cold I can handle. Warm would be better, but I will take it all. If it rains, I have two new umbrellas that I am bringing and museums are good rainy day activities. It's never too late to check if the TV is in english. I may be turning it on on rainy afternoons.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Dogs Rock

Our wonderful, four legged house guest went home and the house is strangely empty. But that's OK, because I offered to take a neighbor's dog for 4 days while they go on a cruise. Cricket will be really confused. Especially since the day after Kooie goes home, we leave for our adventure. But she loves Lucky's parents, so all will be well.

We were invited for dinner at some friends last night and 1/3 of the conversation revolved around pets...all dogs. I would hope that I endear myself to my family as these dogs have to their owners. How do pets have this effect on us. Must be the unconditional love thing. It can't be the scratched doors, stained carpet or midnight walks that sometimes are necessary. If my spouse did any of these things, I wouldn't be so understanding. A midnight walk might be romantic, but forget the first two.

It's never too late to know that we are not alone in this pet craze. There is a huge number of people who love their pets more than people. Sometimes I am among those .

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

I am what I am, I hope

I don't know why I got such a strong feeling of belonging when I was Bat Mitzvah and why now that I am practicing reading from the Torah, I get that same feeling. Maybe because I am doing what Jews have done for thousands of years. I stood on the Bimah when I was bat Mitzvahed with two of my daughters and I visualized kids all over the world doing that very same thing. Reading the very same prayers. It was a defining moment in my life and I felt a connection to everyone of us. Now , reading from the Torah has become my focus.I can actually read every word. No vowels,no periods, just me and a piece of parchment that has been alive for many, many years. Torah's do not die. They get passed around and who knows who read from the one that I will read from. Doesn't that just boggle your mind. These two Judaic milestones are highlights for me. I don't exactly know why. I do not think of myself as a spiritual person. I'd like to be but I am not even sure what that means. I am not what I consider Religious. Capital R. I just like being Jewish and celebrating my religiousness in my convenient way. No special foods, no special forgotten meaning to acts of "that's what we always did",just basic "you be good to me and I will be good to you." I"m glad I feel this way. It's how I want to be. It's never too late to practice what I believe in.

Counting down,or maybe it is counting up,as you always go up to Jerusalem

I may be wrong, but I think we have 25 days left until we leave for Israel. I have memorized JFK airport. I know where every family bathroom is. I know where security checkpoints are. I am ready.  I wish it were the Amsterdam airport, though. That is a destination airport. There is even a branch of their museum in the airport.JFK has Dunkin Donuts and KFC's. I have been in some strange airports. Uganda is probably the strangest. It was the size of a classroom. Part of the charm of flying.

I am so excited. 28 days in Israel will go fast. I have so many adventures on my "to do list".I decided not to do my cooking class. It is so expensive and I do know how to follow a written recipe. I'd rather use my adventure dollars for a trip to Masada and the Dead Sea. I can just picture Bob doing what our kids used to call the "Dad float". The chore will be to get Bob upright after being weightless. I had trouble with that part when I was there. It is a very ungracefull effort.

Too much about Israel. I am babbling. It's good to get excited.  It makes me appreciate that I can do this, it makes me appreciate that I can finally take Bob to Israel, the place every Jew should visit,it makes me apprciate the freedom that I have to come and go like this,it just is a good thing. It's never too late to have my cup runith over.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

It's good to have warm temperatures and warm friends

When I was much younger, I swore that I would never move to Florida. When I tell people this, they aren't surprised, because thay said the same thing. But how lucky we are to have changed our minds. Why did we pick Florida over Arizona. Maybe because it is a straight shot down to Florida from Illinois. That's the practical reason. Moving to Florida was not a decision of the heart. It was the blue sky and warm breezes in January. Then there was the fact that it usually doesn't snow here. That clinched the deal. I'm glad that I changed my mind about moving to Florida. It was a life changing decision. It's never to late to be aware of the good that warm temperatures and warm friends can make .Both help when life throws you a hard ball.Game on.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle


It seems as if this week had more Sunday's than it should have. Having a calendar helps at times like this. It will be good to have holidays over with and we can get back to having a week that has 7 days, with one Sunday. It's been like this since Thanksgiving. Now that holiday time is over, I can put away the ice bucket,get the company glasses back on the higher shelf and take out our favorite mugs and unmatched dishes. My dishes all have stories. I can almost understand the thought process of why so many Jewish families did not leave Europe when they still had a chance. It is hard to give up your "things". "Things" are all we have of some special people in our past. Just having them is a connection. Using them is even better. I try to use as many "things " as I can. I do have one rule. With the exception of my Mother's silver, everything has to go into the dishwasher. I've given away "things" that don't meet this standard of mine. I miss them, but I had to stand firm on this one issue. I'm not that sentimental ! It's never too late to have a story behind the "things" that I kept . It weaves the past experience or the friend, or the family member into my every day life. It makes me happy. Usually.

Me and Annie say "Tomorrow"

It's time to make some resolutions for the new year, again. I missed doing it yesterday. Not making any resolutions didn't bother me at all. I was too busy to feel guilty. Maybe my only resolution should be to feel guilty more often. That would cover me for all of the times that I say that I will exercise more or eat less. To anyone who does not walk a dog... walking a reluctant 10 lb. dog three times a day... is not exercise. Unless you call persuading this dog to keep walking a form of exercise. Cricket is a true couch potato. Her idea of a walk is to be let out, a quick releaving of her bodily functions and then back into the house .Time outdoors, if she had her way, maybe 6 minutes. This is characteristic of her breed , I heard. But that doesn't address my guilt and my lack of exercise. So, starting tomorrow, because I am too busy today, I will get out in this wonderful Florida weather, and exercise. It's never too late to say this. Let's see what excuse I can find when tomorrow comes.

Welcome to a new everything

Today is the first day of 2015. I wish I could tell what it will bring. Will my dreams come true. Am I asking for too much. Many years ago, I read that if your dreams frightenten you, then you are not dreaming big enough. I am going all of the way. Dream big or go home to complacency and sameness. I feel like this will be a defining year in my life. It feels good already. And why not. I have a cup of coffee brought to me by my husband of 61 years. I have two dogs stretched out besides me. The sun may or may not shine today, but I am guaranteed warm temperatures, I have friends, I have four wonderful children , who have four wonderful spouses or significent others and five handsome and above average grandsons. Who wouldn't feel blessed and special on the first day of a new year. I am going to have a great year. I can feel it. It's never too late for me to pay this feeling forward. I am passing it on to you. Make yourself happy. It feels good and I give everyone permission to be happy. Go and Be.

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