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It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Think before you dive

I have a new definition of an optimist. That is the person who usually has garbage pick up on a certain day,but it is a holiday and he still puts his garbage out . That is not a good thing. Esecially if the racoons hear about your optimism. I have a fascination with recycle bins. Cricket and I always stop and she sniffs them while I just pretend to not be interested. Recycle bins in our develoment are not good for dumpster diving. I have a neighbor here, who while driving on an errand, saw a beautiful table being thrown out. Of course she stopped. The table looks great in her house. I haven't been that lucky. I did drag home a fake tree that I saw while Cricket and I were on our morning walk. I could never get it to stand up. No wonder they threw it away. I tried putting a brick in the base, but that didn't help. At that point, I knew I had made a bad choice.

Our son will be visiting us soon and he is the Captain of our Dumpster Diving Group. I am going to have to find some good places to take him.

It's never too late to get excited about the prospect of dumpster diving. It's a family tradition.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Shopping my way

I want to go shopping at a mall. The kind that has every store you can imagine. I don't particularly need anythinng. I just want to be part of mid-America, main stream, kind of person. But I won't go. Too many people, not really motivated to actually buy, and I probably can't find a parking spot. But it does sound like fun. For ten minutes. Every now and then, I do get the urge to shop in a real store and not Good Will. It passes. 

I just found the reruns of "What Not To Wear". That was Bob's favorite program. I thought that they were off the air, but yesterday,I found them. They were there all of the time. It was me that didn't know it. I have to watch more TV. Once again, I am out of the main stream. Seeing them on TV made us both very happy. It was like finding an old friend. I still plan to have them dress me after I win the Lottery. Which could be any day now, if I remembered to buy a ticket.  I'll put that on my list of things to do.

It's never too late to go  to a shopping mall, but until I win that Lottery, I will virtual shop. I think that's the next big trend.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Still deciding

Thanksgiving is over, now I have to search for another reason to over eat and complain about being too full. I am now free to focus on my birthday. I don't usually over eat on my birthday, but I can be persuaded. I am not a fan of cake icing, so I will skip that part. When I was a kid, other kids wanted to sit next to me because I never ate the icing on my slice of cake.  I now have to think about what I want to give myself for a super duper present. I have a short list. In fact, my list keeps getting shorter because I will buy something and say it's my birthday present. I've been doing that for months. This system works for me. 

I did see a ring advertised in an Israeli web site, that I liked. It could replace the wedding band that I am sure is in a vacuum cleaner somewhere. I'm thinking about it. And ,of course, there is the smart phone that I talk about all of the time. I should just get it and move on.

Too many decisions to make when I am still so full from turkey. Thank goodness, I have a whole month to ponder these important issues. It's never too late to  have a really fun time, changing my mind about what I want to give myself for my 80th birthday. Maybe I'll just get everything.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

My favorite holiday

My first Thanksgiving as a new bride was spent in Mobile, Alabama. We shared half a house, until Bob was able to get base housing. We invited my parents to drive the 180 miles from New Orleans to have Thanksgiving with us. Our dining room table was an ironing board. I liked to iron, even then. Fortunately, our Thanksgiving's grew , with more space, more kids, more dining room tables.

Now, we have come full circle. The table has shrunk, the family is scattered, parents are no longer here, but the feeling of Thanksgiving hasn't changed. We traded close family for close friends. Not a bad exchange, and I still have the ironing board. It's never too late to save the important things in life. Family, friends and even an ironing board.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

I am always thankful

Tomarrow is Thanksgiving and all ready I am Thankful that the rain that I am hearing is not snow. I am also thankful that I am not expecting family to travel to us, or me to be traveling to them. What bad timing on a storm. The only one inconvenienced in our house ,is Cricket. She does not like to get wet. I've never seen her get groomed, so I don't know what she does. But she sure does not go out willingly when it is raining. For her sake, I hope that it stops raining before too long.

I just bought two new umbrellas for our trip. I hope that I don't need them, they are rain insurance. February is a rain month in Israel, so I want to be ready. I would be happier if it was warm and sunny while we are there, but I will just go with what ever happens. I know from my running days that atheletes train in higher elevations so that their blood is oxygenated and they run faster. Since moving to Florida, my blood has become more dependent on warm weather. It doesn't like cold weather. I don't feel any faster when it rains, but I know that given a choice.. I like the sun to be shining. Since we are at sea level here, I guess I now understand why I am so slow . I grew up in N.O. which isn't even sea level. More reason for the fact that I am slow. How did I get from rain to elevation ? Anyway, it is raining, Cricket won't go out, I have two new unbrellas that I don't want to use and all is right in my world. I am thankful. And it is never too late to be reminded of that.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Thanksgiving is the best !

I can understand why Thanksgiving is our National holiday. What's not to like about having a bunch of people around the table and eating yourself silly.I've already had Thanksgiving once this week and I am looking forward to having it again on the real day. It just happenend that some friends were going away on Thanksgiving but wanted to celebrate the holiday with us. That was a no brainer. Who says that you have to be Thankful on a particular day. I am lucky and I will be Thankful twice this week . And get to eat turkey skin. It doesn't count on national holidays if you over eat or eat things that you know you shouldn't. 

I love cranberries and I will wait until after Thanksgiving and buy a few bags on sale, throw them in the freezer and have some when I get the urge. I never ate fresh berries until I was an adult. Like asparagus, I thought cranberries only came in a can that you opened at both ends and pushed out the stuff inside onto Grandma's cut glass plate. I learned a lot being married to Bob.

It's never too late to appreciate any holiday, but especially Thanksgiving. You don't have to buy presents for anyone.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

I will try to understand,but don't count on it.

I checked the calendar this morning and it is a month away from Christmas Eve. That doesn't effect me too much, but it means that my birthday will soon follow, and that does effect me..a lot. Our family isn't big on gifts, so I take this as an opportunity to buy myself something special. For the last few years, it's been an electronic "toy". This year,I am giving myself Israel. I may throw in a new digital camera to record our visit. Then the present can be viewed many times after I get back. Of course, now I have to go back to Best Buy to look at camera's . It has to be simple, take great pictures, be small, and I have to understand it. The last point will be the kicker. If I get it now, I can have time to understand it. Come to think of it, I have a camera that has all of these features. maybe I should just learn how to use it. And how to use my stupid cell phone, and how to use my iPad to it's fullest. Maybe I should just take the time and read all of the downloads that I have for using these products. I am just too impatient. I want to know how to use everything without actually putting in the effort. Starting today, I will take the time to understand my electronic devices. It's never too late to stop being the one who has to ask "how do you..." I will take charge. Yeah,right.

It's never too late
leona uchitelle

Eleven weeks and counting down

OK. Today is count day. 11 weeks until our journey begins. That is not that long. Every other day, I think that I am crazy for having started this adventure. Then on the off weeks, like the other,every other week, I get excited that we are going to do this. Did I tell you that we bought the required old lady and old man, elastic waisted frumpy pants and zip jacket to traveling. Navy blue ,so we can dribble food on ourselves and it won't show.On a trip or two ago, to Costco, I bought a carry on bag , on rollers, that fits under the seat. It seems the perfect size. Then , yesterday, I decided to buy another one,using Costco's web site. The site says that I am not a member. Not true. Now I really am determined to buy this second roll on, under the seat, carry on. I will work on it today, then I will call the store for help. I hate when a site doesn't recognize me. That happens to me sometimes. Or it won't accept what I know is my password. I do know my passwords. I have them written down and I sometimes have to refer to them.If it wouldn't be such a horrific idea, I think we should have our social security number and passwords tatooed on us someplace. But I know this is not a healthy thought. I'm pretty good with math, but I sometimes get flustered when I have to give the last 4 digits of my social security number and I have to check to make sure.

It's never to late to keeplooking forward to the day of the week that I count how many weeks are left until we leave for Israel. I have a lot to do until week one comes up.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

For better or worse, I'm in

I am looking around my bedroom and besides the two lamps that are plugged into the electrical socket, I have a camera, a cell phone and an iPad recharging in other sockets around the room. That's a lot of charging. I heard that there are now solar charges that I can buy. Since I live in Florida ,  it would make sense to get one of these. On my next trip to Best Buy, I will look at them .I haven't had to go to Best Buy in awhile. I miss that. All of my electronics are working as they should. Things that frustrated me, have been worked out by downloading a new app. I tried to do it for free, but I had to buy the $3.99 version of the app. It seems worth it. I'll save that amount in gas money by not running to Best Buy for help. They will miss me. My lack of knowledge makes those young workers feel so superior.  I'm glad to help.

There have been some ads on TV, hyping electronics for Christmas, and I don't understand a word, or a letter of it. They mention things in code. "You get 300 abc's" or" 26 MgB" Whatever. What are they talking about. Or something is "Half Fast"? They certainly are not speaking to me.I hope that the company is not wasting their advertising dollar. They lost me.

Never mind. I have come a long way in catching up in this electronic age. It's never too late to be part of this wonderful time that we live in. It makes the world a smaller place, which can be good or bad. I'll go for gooder..

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

OK, I really do want one. I admit it.

I can hear my cell phone bleeping for me to charge it. It needs me, but I don't really need it. This is not the way I should be thinking about my cell phone. I originally bought a cell "to use in an emergency ". That was the thought process back in the old days. I still have that phone and , fortunately, I haven't had that "emergency". I keep wistfully thinking about getting a "smart phone". Everyone has one, but me. But I just can't. If I don't use this phone, how can I justify getting a better phone ? Just because it would do so many neat things is so appealing. I am already addicted to my iPad. Wouldn't a smart phone make me ready for a 10 step addiction program. I can't trust myself to go that route. I hear that people are going to doctors because of strained neck muscles due to looking down all of the time ,at their cell smart phones. I even notice that Mom's pushing strollers are talking to the phone and not their babies. I see people walking for exercise, talking on their phones. I guess that this is multi tasking, but it isn't right. When I walk Cricket, I talk to her. She needs to know that I am on the other end of the leash. How else could she learn. I say the Shema to her and sing a few prayers. She expects it. I'm working on Hatikvah with her. I'm afraid that I might have an addictive personality and having a smart phone might just take me to the edge. But they look like so much fun. Have a question, take out your smart phone . Lost , take out your smart phone. Just remembered something that needs doing, take out your cell phone. Bored at a meeting, take out your cell phone.

It's never too late to really want one of these modern miracles. I'm convinced that this is not a whim. Smart phones are here to stay. Maybe I'll get myself one for my birthday. That's how I got my iPad . And see all of the fun I have with it and time I spend with it. Maybe too much.

It's never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Cold today,but wait another day

I am so happy to be in Florida ,right now. The pictures of snow and shoveling make me cold just looking at the TV. I think of the potential heart attacks as I see people lifting that snow. We did right to move here . I don't wish that everyone would come at once, but they can come for a break in the weather. So far, no relatives have called asking if they  can visit. Maybe they are too snow bound to even get to the closed airport.

I will welcome these family members who need to get away. I remember the cold and the snow. I remember one snow that was higher than our then 5 year old. It was dangerous to let her go to school alone because the drifts were so high, we were concerned for her safety. That was the year that our great ,late Wally , our dog, climbed up a snow drift and we found him on our garage roof. That was a fun time. But we were much younger then and it was an adventure. I shudder to think about being in that situation now. Give me sun lotion and a beach chair now, not a shovel and rock salt. It's never too late to extend an invitation to friends and family that we left behind, to come and soak up our warm sun and hospitality. So OK, it's a little cold today, but it's better than what they have. Come on down.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Whoops, there goes another birthday

I want an explanation of how this event happened. My youngest child is 50 years old. What happened to the last 50 years that he got to be almost as old as me. The years just slipped away. This person of interest ,who is now 50, can't believe it either. I guess this is what happens. I can't believe that I am as old as I am. Or that some of my children are thinking about retiring. Whoa, hold up a minute. None of  us are that old. I guess this just happens when you least expect it. That's OK, but a little disconcerting.It seems that the kids are catching up to the parents. That's OK ,too. I like transfering the reigns to the next generation. But they better watch out, because their kids are catching up, too. 

Remember the phrase "Stop the World ,I want to get off"? I just wish that it rotated a little slower. Fifty years old !  80 years old ! All relative when you are having a good time and I think we are.

It's never too late to appreciate life, a birthday, journeys . Happy birthday,kid.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Sure, I'm scared

The news is terrible. I try to put my head in the sand and not look at the news, but it is there. I am not afraid to go to Israel right now, but it is a very real concern. I've never been any place that I haven't been safe. I still expect the police to be my friend. I expect my government to protect my rights. I expect people to act civilized. I guess that I am wrong on all of these points when I go to Israel. I'll take my chances because don't we all say "no one will make me feel like a prisoner in my own country". Now I will practice that. I am not brave. If you come into a room and I don't see you, I jump. I don't like loud noises. I don't even like crowds. I am afraid of dark spaces. I don't like creakng floors when no one is actually walking on them . But ,I don't live in a perfect world, so I will manage. I will do what is best for me and my partner. If there is a possibility of physical harm and I have been warned, I'll do what is expected of me. I am putting a lot of faith in the Isreali security and in my blue passport.I hope and pray that that my faith in these things is not challenged. It's never too late to hope for sane heads of state and peace. Am Yisrael Chi !

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

The news is ---cranberries

Oh, to be in a place that only has to be concerned with cranberry sauce. That is the impression I get this morning when I read my many NBN group emails. Cranberry sauce has response after response. Some American could make big bucks bringing in a few suitcases with canned cranberries and even more money if it were possible to bring in fresh ones. I never realized that cranberries were such a commodity. I happen to love cranberries and I can see that I am not alone. Also, these people craving cranberries, must be expats and want to celebrate Thanksgiving, which I think is an American inspired holiday.


Forget talk about bomb shelters, smart phones,money exchange, but don't forget about cranberries. I just never knew that there could be such a demand. It is probably the last link to being an American citizen ,cranberries. If I put a few cans in my suitcase, II might be able to bargain for something I really want, like an invitation to have dinner with a family. When my Mother visited Russia, many,many years ago, she brought stockings and blue jeans for gifts. Now that those items are universal, I can bring cranberries to IsraeI. It's never too late to be an interpreneuer. I will start a new career,importing items that American expats can't live without. I'lll be rich,maybe famous. Right.

It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

Wait, I forgot to do that

In today's group email from NBN. the talk is all about exchanging money . They blatently charge you to use your American bank and then the Israeli bank. Good deal for Israel, but not so good for me. I will have to figure this out before we go. Here, I live in a cashless world. I whip out my credit card for most every thing. That won't work for the month we are there. I really want to learn how to navigate their money system. I also hope that my wallet is large enough to accommodate the size of their money. I think that the bills are bigger than ours. See all of the thinking that I have to do to prepare for this trip?  I just counted and there are 11 weeks until we leave. I seemed to have misplaced week 12. Time does fly when you are having fun, or not.

There was a note in my NBN email that an elderly couple from Brooklyn was looking to share space in a lift as they were making Aliyah soon. I wonder what "elderly" means . I would like to know how their move goes. If they are religious or secular, if they have family there, do they speak Hebrew already. I have enough questions to give us a chance to really know each other, if we ever met. Maybe I should copy their address and check on them in a few months, after the excitement wears off.

I only have a few more details to work out before we leave on our month there. I even know which cook books I am bringing, which coat,which bathrobe,slippers I'm not sure of. Maybe this is why the time goes so fast. So much to do, so little time. It's never too late to stretch out the projects. By the time the date comes for our departure, there will be a lot of things that I probably forgot to take care off. I hope they aren't serious and can wait until we get back.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

It really is never too late

My day is not starting off well and it is only 6 AM. I just learned that this Blog site that I use , and which is giving me a headache, is not compatable with my iPad. That is unacceptable . I need something called Adobe Flash, which won't download to my iPad. THat's OK. I have a call in to my guru and he will tell me what to do. I do rely on the kindness of others. And I pay him immediately for his services. 

I had written in my Blog about the wonderful Bat Mitzvah of two special ladies from our congregation.  It was a joy to see them on the Bimah. They truely epitomizes the concept of it is never being  too late. For anything. Their combined age is near 170 years old. They have nothing on any Biblical character that lives to be 180 or more years old. Their combined years of living is awesome. They have lived through childhood, love, marriage, birth, death,happiness,sadness,moves,joy of grandchildren and now, their Bat Mitzvah. What a testimonial to life. It's good to know that it is never too late to stretch yourself,to stand up and accept the challenge. They are my hero's.

And I hope that I don't lose this blog before I can save it.

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Safe travels. See you soon. sally

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I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

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so glad youre here mom!

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.