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More fun to day dream

When I was newly married, I had a recurring dream that I had to walk back home to my parents home, because we were being attacked. I probably had this dream because I was just feet away from the runway, on the Air Force base, where Bob was stationed. I hadn't thought about that dream in a long time. I don't even know why I am thinking of it now, except the news is so upsetting ,that my thoughts turn to protecting myself and my family.

 After 9/11 our family made a very loose agreement to try and get to our Michigan cottage, if we needed too. That won't work for several reasons.One being that we sold it and  we don't have it anymore . In my original dream, I walked the 90 miles back to my parents. There is no way we can do that walk today. I even remember being worried about which shoes I should wear. I wonder what I decided on. Today, I would just grab a pair of sneakers and hope for the best. Crazy dream.
I spend more time day dreaming than night time dreaming. My day time dreams usually involve going to a grocery store in Israel. It almost always revolve around food and the Makane Yuhuda Market. I have already picked out two of my Israeli Cook Books that I will take. They seem the most user friendly and they aren't outsized. With our Israeli house guest, I have been using the books every meal. Every dish had been a winner. She even took pictures to send to her Mom. One picture was taken through the oven door. I realized that my oven really needs to be cleaned.
It's never too late to have a plan. I would just rather my plan involve food and sitting around a table, eating with friends and family.


The Final Word is WOOF

It's almost rain time. Every day for over a week now, it rains every day , after four. We can tell what time it is by the dark clouds hovering over our condo. Cricket knows the time ,too. That's when she starts trembling and I put on her little thunder shirt. I'm not sure that it helps calm her, but I bought it, so she is going to wear it.

I bought her something else. I couldn't help myself. It's a colorful thing that goes around her neck. I think it's cute, Cricket thinks it's an embarrassment. I bought it because in a few weeks our congregation will have a Blessing of Pets. I wanted her to look good. ! 
We have this very nice young Israeli woman staying with us. She treats Cricket as one would expect. Cricket is a dog . Period. We treat Cricket like our fifth child. We talk to her, we buy her foods that we think she would like, we take her for check ups, we take her to get groomed, she has a special friend that she can visit. We respect her schedule and we leave social events early, so we can walk her.She is more than a dog. 
So, rain, rain, go away. Little Cricket wants to ...well you know.
It's never too late to understand that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who treat dogs like dogs, and the other of us, who will argue that they are family, and as such, get the finale word.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

It's Not My Fault

We have a house guest. It's like having one of our kids back home. She is an Israeli golfer who is working her way up the ladder of golf.She plays for placing , not for monetary enrichment. That's right now, but hopefully she'll keep placing in the top group and her future will be very bright. But right now, it seems a little lonely. Her family is in Israel, she moves around , staying in host families home, driving a borrowed car, and absolutely the worse thing that could happen to a 22 year old woman... her cell phone wasn't working.
Later I overheard her talking to her Mom and when she got off of the phone, I said that I didn't understand one word of the Hebrew conversation. She said that she was speaking French ! That's how much I know. Her family speaks French in the home, so they don't forget how to speak it, since they originally came from a French speaking country. She is doing three languages. I feel so inferior . It's really all my Mother's fault. She never spoke Russian unless she didn't want us to know what she was saying . I can speak Pig Latin, but that is not very helpful.
It's never too late to blame as much as you can on your Mother. I'm sure my kids are keeping a "it's all her fault" list. But I get the last word.. They have kids now to pass judgement on them. The list goes on.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Family First Always

Today at service, our Rabbi spoke of families. How important they are. I thought about what he was saying and I have some thoughts of my own about families.

Our biological families, because we don't choose them , can be dysfunctional. It just is. We love them, but they are complicated. Sometimes you wonder how you got into this family. Everyone but you, or me, is crazy. The family that we choose, our family of choice, is usually embracing, understanding and accepting. Or else you wouldn't stick with them. Since you are not related to them, if they bother you that much, you can just leave their fold. Then there is the family that you marry into. Sometimes you are lucky, as I was, and it's a good match. They are not without their idiosyncrasy, but they are family and your husband may be just like them, so you are understanding. 
Sometimes you can even adopt your family. That is like a family of choice, but can include several generation. The more the merrier. I've never been lucky enough to adopt a family. I would choose one that had a few children . They would have to promise never too move away, never to get in trouble, be home every night for dinner, and of course, take care of me when I get old. Wait, that sounds like my kids when we were a young family, all under the same roof. Been there, done that. Wouldn't mind doing it again. It's never too late to think about family , they are what makes my world right.


What time is it,anyway

I went to read my Nefesh B Nefesh group emails this morning and it wasn't on line. Then I remembered that it is already Rosh Hashanah in Israel ! This time difference is one I will have to get used to. When I visited Israel the last time, I had to remember when I could call Bob. When it was convenient for me, it wasn't a decent hour over here.

I am having that same problem with a call I want to make to the West coast. I want to get a care takers ID in case something happens to me, someone will know to look for Bob.. and Cricket. I am paying $15 extra to have someone check on Cricket. I can do this on the internet, but I was having a problem, so I want to use the phone. They are still sleeping in California when it is convenient for me, and then I get busy and forget. That's the beauty of the computer. It's on my time.
Getting up as early as we do, does have some inconveniences attached. Few people are up. It's dark outside. I can't practice my violin because I will wake my neighbors. The paper hasn't come yet. Cricket is still asleep. And the coffee isn't ready. All because I get up so early. 
It's never too late to try and sleep later. I'm going to work on this.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Creepy crawlers

I have been under the impression that I live in an urban community. Now I am reconsidering this thought. On my screens on the sliders in what we call our living room, we have these little cacoon-y things that have attached themselves to the screen. I have no idea what they are and for the first 8 years that we have lived here, we never had these things on our screens. Then today, I just happened to look at the portion of the large sliding  glass doors ,at the top , and there was a hugh tree frog. Then I saw another one on the other window, way at the top. They are both either dead or in a trance, because they are not moving. 1. how did they get there. 2. Is it because it has been raining for days and maybe they were trying to stay dry.3. Like Noah's Ark, there were two of them. 4. I am getting worried .

Then , we have all of these gekoes running around  our condo. Some of them are so new that they are bout one inch big. Then there is one that I recognize by his missing tail. 

I guess I live in a tropical paradise and these strange bed fellows want to share it with me. I'll leave them alone if they promise to stay outside, and I will stay inside.

It's never too late to make peace with all God's creature.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Who said it was Autumn ?

How can it be the first day of Autumn? Besides the fact that it is 85 degrees most days, what happened to June, July and August ? I am busy every day of the week and maybe that is what makes the days and seasons go by so quickly. I do not want to rush the seasons, especially since we really don't have seasons here. i some times get confused about what time of year it is. When we had kids around at home, we were tuned in to the School calendar. That is what controled our seasons. In the winter, we left for our cottage as soon as school let out for the Christmas break and we returned to Evanston the day before school started. We did the same thing for Spring break, Thanksgiving and summer vacation.

Now, I don't even think about a school calendar. When does school start anyway, and how can you properly celebrate Christmas, If I did, when there is no snow or slush on the ground. It's not natural.

Autumn means apples and pumpkins. I go to the store and I see plums  and strawberries. These are not fall fruits.

My AC has been on since April. You can't fool me. It's still summer and will be summer until the weather man tells me the outside temperature is in the 60's. That will feel so good.

It's never too late to think Autumn, even if we might miss it this year.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Role models,I don't think so

When I first started to watch TV, we had 3 kids. We were a little slow in catching up with the modern world. But now that I think about it, I watched programs that had male heroes. Bonanza was a favorite. I have ,lately, seen promos for upcoming TV series, like "Good Wife", and "Madame Secretary". I think these are the names. Have women taken over in the hero role ? Even on the Animal Planet , I seem to remember that I see women who are the key figures. Interesting. Maybe that is why football and physical sports are popular. Men get to see men being scary,knocking down each other. I hear the players being referred to as role models.  Sorry state , when these so called "role models" are so entitled that beating up a woman makes them feel it is their right. And we are leaving it to men to make right?

I have always thought that if women were in complete control, we would be better off. We have so many good qualities, we can multi task, we can delegate, we can make important decisions, we can be financially responsible. We can be tough, we can lie,we can be bossy,we can be mean, we can change our mind, we can steal. We can do of the things a man can do and I bet we can do it better. But notice that woman don't play professional football . Either women are too smart or men are afraid of us.
It's never too late to start thinking about a woman being our leader. Not me. I'm retired.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Will she know us when we get back?

Cricket is always so happy to see us, even when we are away for 3 hours. What will happen when we go away for a month. I hope she doesn't forget us. She is going to be with her best friends . The human kind and the dog kind. I have already told her that we are going away for a month. I don't think she understands.
Why should she really care. She'll be at a house where she gets the same kind of attention that she gets here. She'll get to share with her buddy ,Lucky. They have similar life styles. Sleeping on the Masters bed. Pushing the man of the house to occupy only a small share of the bed. Eating home cooked meals. Having the lady of the house talk baby talk to her. What's not to be happy.
Maybe I'll go to Lucky's house. It sounds pretty nice.
I know that I can't take Cricket with us to Israel, and I feel so much better knowing that she will be with a good family, but when I cuddle with her, and talk to her, I get worried that she will have such a good time at Lucky's that when we come home, she'll ignore us. Maybe I can Skype her so she doesn't forget what I look like.
It's never too late to start feeling guilty about going away for a month. It's a Jewish thing.

It's my thing

I really ,strongly,like Shabbat Services. I like the feeling of being surrounded by people who know the same history that I know. There is a camaraderie about being in a place where I ,at least feel safe. Where else can you play Jewish geography, or laugh ,that you ,too, were born in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. Would't it be a hoot , if the Mom's were on that maternity floor at the same time ?
For me, saying the same words every week, is not boring. Because the words are familiar, and maybe this is the reason for my comfort level to be there on a Friday night, I can just be .
At our services this week, we celebrated the birthday of the oldest person I know. It was the best place to be on a Friday night. My neighbors have date night on Friday, but can they celebrate with someone 107 years old, who can still joke and laugh and make you think that maybe it's not so bad to live so long.
I used to feel bad for people who don't get the same sense of belonging, as I do, who don't find that reason for attending services, but now I am glad that they chose not to come. I wouldn't want their negativity to take my energy from this experience that means so much to me.
Religion is a personal experience and I am so glad that I can share it with the people who sit around me on a Friday night. It's my date night.

how did this happen

I am wondering how come a friend of mine had a Dad who was such a Zionist that he went to Israel, before it was Israel, from Latvia. He went before 1933 . Why did my mother not go when she was planning to immigrated to the United States. I remember her telling us how she belonged to some Zionist Youth Groups. I suspect, knowing my Mother, that she belonged because that was where the cool kids were. But why didn't she get that spark that my friends Father got. I could have been a Sabra, born in Israel. I'd probably have a different Dad, but who knows.
I was just wondering why so many of my ancestor came to the US instead of going on to Israel. I know that first one came, then that one sent for the next one. If just one of them had gone to Israel, my life would be so different. One Aunt did go to Israel. But that was after she was allowed out of Russia as a refusnick. The rest of her family, which consists of two daughters, their husbands and now their kids, didn't like Israel and went on to Brussels.That gives me a nice place to visit. It's amazing to me, that my cousins in Brussels, look like twins of my sister. The family resemblance is remarkable. I don't seem to look like any of them. Maybe I was switched at birth. Maybe I was born in Israel and I just woke up in the hospital in New Orleans.
It's never too late to fantasize about being "different" from every one else in the family. Maybe they did find me in the watermelon patch.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

What a time to be alive

I had a very exciting day and I did not leave Sarasota county. Amazing what can be done on the internet. Through my son in law in Chicago, I rented an apartment in Jerusalem while I sat in Florida. How small is this world. How cool is this. I paid by credit card,which will be deducted from my account in Chicago. I got my confirmed reservation number by email, in a matter of minutes. It's a go, now. No turning back.
I have Emergency Assistance Plus , that I arranged for through Hadassah,for any possible medical emergency and as soon as I find a cheap flight on ElAl , flying out of New York, , I'll get my tickets and cancellation insurance. I never left my home and I did all of these things on the internet.It's exhausting ! My fingers are numb.
I only have to make arrangements for Cricket and we can start packing. I am sorry to be leaving Cricket but it is decided for me because there is a "no pet policy " at the place we are renting.
What a way to start Bob's 85th year, our 61st wedding anniversary year. the New Year , 5777,I think, and my approaching 80th birthday. This can be our Jubilee Year. I'll raise a glass of milk to that.
It's never too late to just be so happy to be on this earth now ,when we can do so much. Who dreamt that there was such a thing as electronics that could make the world such a small place. It is truly an amazing time to be alive. Here's to all of us.

Figs of my youth

I have cheated. I couldn't help myself.You know how some people hide chocolate candies(I've done that, too) from the kids? Well, I am hiding some fresh figs that I bought today. They are expensive and I don't want to share them with some one who doesn't appreciate them. I like figs and the dried ones just aren't the same as a really sweet fresh one.
When I was a kid,our next door neighbors had a fig tree in their yard and three kids. I was friends with the oldest one. We played Monopoly for days and ate catsup sandwiches. Yes, two pieces of soft white bread with a quarter inch of catsup between them.Then we would go into their spacious yard and climb the fig tree and just pick them off the branches and eat them on the spot. They never picked them except for when we did. Nothing will taste that good, again. I've never had a fig that fresh since I grew up and we took different paths. I wonder what happened to Hillary DeBen. Probably an old man by now. He and his family represented every thing that New Orleans was. Catholic, French,monied, entitled. I don't think I will meet him under a fig tree in Israel.
These figs that I am hiding are so sweet that they are oozing sugar. Maybe I'll offer one to my house mate. Only one.
It's never too late to be nice to him. It's what I do.

There is always another apartment

I almost rented the perfect apartment in Jerusalem. The only drawback was the spiral staircase that led to the bedroom and the one bathroom. I could see an accident waiting to happen with disastrous results .
The apartment was everything we wanted, including the price. But I just had to let it go.
I started looking again and I have come to the conclusion that I am spoiled. What I am used to, is not what I will have for a month. I'll live. I am resolved to not having a kitchen that has almost every electrical kitchen product made. I will accept a two burner hot plate. I can do it.
One of the nicer apartments that I saw, had two resident cats. That won't work. I am not a cat person. If there is to be an animal, it'll be Cricket.
I did consider taking Cricket. I don't want to leave her, but I don't want to bring her either. Her airfare is reasonable. The last price I saw was $100 each way. She will be happier at home , even if I will miss her.
I can get completely absorbed in looking for an apartment. I scroll the pictures and if the price is right, I read the description.I have eliminated all of them because the one that got away has set the bar too high for the others to compete.
It's never too late to put our safety first, even if I have renters remorse.

It's fall and the games begin

It's football season again, and that makes me happy. It's not that I particularly like football, but the ads are creative and some times, the game can be exciting.It's something that Bob and I can do together. We agree that we have no idea who the players are, but we still watch. Some teams we root for, only because we like where they come from,or we have a soft spot for them. Like the New Orleans Saints. Then the Chicago Bears, for old times sake. Now that we live in Florida, we should be interested in their teams. The Miami team does have a lovely shade of blue for their uniform. The Tampa Bay team has Lovey Smith and he used to coach the Chicago Bears. So we like him. Then there are the Green Bay Packers. It's a Chicago thing, so we don't like them, where ever we live.

Bob would like me to mention the University of Michigan team. Go Blue. (Today is his 85th birthday, so I will humor him.)

I think in Israel, football is really soccer. I'm not sure that they play our kind of football in Israel. They are probably too smart to risk their limbs and heads for such a foolish game. I look at some of the players and think that if one of them fell on me, I'd die. Some of them weigh over 300 lbs. I wouldn't have a chance.
It's never too late to be a sports fan, as long as I know it's only a game . I don't think the players were told that.

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