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It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Middle of the week dinner parties

We had company for dinner last night, the middle of the week. It feels different than having company for dinner on the week end. I am trying to figure out why that is. I went through the same cooking process,choosing a menu, shopping, cooking, damage control to the condo. But it was a more casual feeling. I think that I will do middle of the week entertaining more often. It's like it's a school night mind set. True, you don't lounge around as long after dinner, but that's OK. You don't drink that extra glass of wine, because you think that you can sleep later the next morning. You even stay pretty much on your diet. You don't say,"well it's Saturday, I can have that extra dessert". At least , I didn't say that.

Mid week entertaining might be a good thing to do more often. Another benefit is that we get a really nice meal mid week, with the possibility of some great left overs. I am going to think this through more carefully. There are only two week end nights to chose from to entertain, but if I go to the week days, I have five. I like to have company for dinner. There is good food, new friends, old friends, talk,laughter. Sounds good to me any day of the week.

It's never too late to just start planning my next dinner party. Pick a day ,Monday through Thursday is opened.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Remind me that I am lucky

I still don't have my mini iPad home. This is really inconvenient for me and, it has shown me that I am much too dependent on it. If I had a smart phone, I probably wouldn't miss the mini  so much.I feel deprived. Many times during the day, I wanted to check something or look up something, and mini wasn't here. How spoiled I am. What's so hard about going into my "office" and using my desk computer. I will stop whining about this. There are more serious issues in the world.

Like my favorite NBN site. The buzz right now is about buying appliances in Israel. This month is a good month for that, I learned. But , beware. Doorways are smaller than some units and getting them into the house can be a problem. I guess Americans like things bigger . Being small is not such a bad thing. Ask me sometimes. 

Another issue right now is traveling with a cat. Poor cat . The cat in question is larger than a small dog and the owner won't put  her in the hold. My advice is to just fold her into the travel case and go for it.

I am so glad that we are between these Jewish holidays so that I can catch up with the real problems of NBN. This shows me that my inconvenience of not having my mini is insignifigant when some people are giving up their life as they knew it and moving to another continent. I will stop complaining . For a day, at least.

It's never too late to just walk into the second bedroom, use the computer and remember how lucky I am . I forget sometimes.


It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Can I be like you when I grow up

Some times you do things just because. And you can't expect other people to understand. Well, daughter number two, just completed an event, that she ran . That isn't so special. But the event was 100 miles. She did it and she won. Can you image. It involved a two day event, round the clock. Her shoe size, because her feet swelled , went from a 9 to a 10. That is two sizes. One might ask why she did this and the answer would have to be,"because it was there". She feels great. I just mailed her my Wonder Woman pin. She earned it.

My kids do things like this. What kind of an example are they setting for me. Another child, just finished sailing from the west coast of this country to Hawaii. He did not see land for days. If I could spell "meshuganah" that is what I would say. But these kids, are responsable,polite, caring, self supporting, adults. What's not to admire. So they do things a little differently than most. Maybe we taught them something when they were growing up. I'm going to take a lesson from them. All four of our kids hear their own drummer. That's what we wanted.

It's never too late to be special and different. I want to be like them when I grow up.


It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

A cup of sugar, please

These Jewish holidays are keeping my Nefesh B Nefesh group emails from me. They don't post on holidays. It's enough that I don't get a message from them on our Friday,but now it has been at least 4 days without a message. I wish that we could arrange to have a holiday when we go in February. I hear they really know how to celebrate. I think February is a slow Jewish month. And it is a good thing that we won't be there for Passover in April because everything, I understand, stops. People take vacations, business hours change. I guess eating Matzoh can be a challenge .

I've never been anywhere where mostly everyone is like me. I wonder what that will feel like .I've never lived in a Jewish neighborhood . I don't think that I have ever had close neighbors who were Jewish.

It's never too late to learn how to say, in Hebrew, "can I borrow a cup of sugar."


It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle


For the last couple of days, I have gotten up at 3:30AM. I would just wake up. As far as I can know, I am not worried about anything that would cause me to do this. I hate getting up this early. Especially with nothing to do. Then, I don't want my body to get used to getting up at this time.

Well, I slept through the night last night. And I think it can be labeled, Sabbath peace. Maybe there is such a thing, after all. Our services last  night were held in an outdoor, buggy environment and I still found peace? I have to give credit to somthing for my good nights sleep. !

I used to be the person that mesquitoes didn't bother. Last night , the mesquitoes were equal opportunity biters. We celebrated Sukkoth, under the stars. I admire our fore fellows for doing this and I now have to admit , that I am with those who want to sit in airconditioned comfort and pray about living in a three sided  dwelling.

AS a child, we had a Sukkah,and I ate in it. This was New Orleans. I don't remember bugs. I also only remember my Grandmother eating with me. Where was the rest of the family? I never thought about this . They were probably eating in the dining room, where at least there was a fan. I was either afraid to tell my Grandmother no, or I was practicing for when I sat in Florida , on a sultry night, where the bugs out numbered us.

It's never too late to do this outdoor service once a year. Beside the religious signifigance of eating in a portable hut, I learned to appreciate sitting in a bug free room. Electricity is a good thing.


It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Take care of Mini

I can't sleep. I am worried. I am having withdrawal issues. My mini iPad was taken away for repair. I have never been separated from it since I gave it to me as a birthday present. I tried bringing it to Best Buy, but the person assigned to me was over 50 and he wasn't helpful. The person who has my mini right now usually comes to my house and with faster finger tips than I can ever hope to acheive, has in the past fixed what ever I've done to  my desk computer. He took Mini home with him. That sounds ominous.

That mini has every thing about me on it. Last night, I couldn't read my book, because it was on my kindle, which is on my mini. I knitted instead. That was OK for a few rows, but I really wanted to read.

I was restless without my mini. It was like having one of the kids not call home when they were going to be late  .I woke up at 3:30. I would have reached for Mini and written my Blog, or checked my bank balance. Instead, I had to come into the "other" bedroom and use my desk top. It's not so bad being back on it. I can adjust the print size !  Maybe it's not all bad. I was getting adddicted to that mini and a bit possesive. Maybe I have to break those ties and get out more. It's never too late to stop thinking of my mini as a personality. I'm the person, it's an electronic device.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

I look at it as a Mitzvah

I am doing a Mitzvah by going to Israel. I have invited a friend to visit with us for a week and in turn she invited a friend to come with her. Yes, we will be crowded, but just think, now we will have a Florida happening in Israel. They are excited about their trip and I am excited about all of us being in Israel. Who knows, maybe they will come back and visited us.

We will have to have a house meeting so we can talk about living together for a week with one bathroom. 
I never shared a bathroom with Bob until we sold our house. However, I shared with four kids and Bob had his own bathroom. How did that happen. I don't know how , now. I have very high bathroom standards. I hope everyone else does ,too.
I know almost exactly what I want to do every day that I am there. The very first thing is to go to an outdoor cafe, even if it is February. Then to Makahne Yehuda Market to shop for veggies and fruit. I can't wait. 17 more weeks to go.
It's never too late or too early to get excited. Next week it will be 16 weeks. February is almost here
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Why doesn't my iPad like me

I give up. My iPad wins. I am having a battle with it. I think that I am a responsible owner, but obviously, it, this iPad doesn't think so. I went to best Buy with it ,to see why it was misbehaving. The young man listened to my complaint, took me aside where we could have privacy and showed me what to do to correct my way of doing what ever I wanted to do. I said that was wonderfully smart of him and I went home. 

Maybe I should just move into Best Buy. Maybe my iPad doesn't like our home. Maybe I feel like throwing it across the room. It will not do what I want it to do. Period. Can a electronic device hate it's owner. Here is what I want to do. I want to copy from my note pad onto this site. That is how I do my Blog. I write it and transfer it to the blog site. Except now, my note pad doesn't want to be copied. It will repost an old Blog. 

I need another tutorial. I am getting embarrassed about going to Best Buy so much. I try to go to a different kid each time, so I don't get a bad reputation. If I can't remember what the last kid told me, I can still remember faces,and go to a different associate each visit.

It's never too late not to want to start my day feeling frustrated. UGH.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

I'm an adult,now

I did it. I bought our tickets to Israel. I had heard that the airlines, after three o'clock on Tuesday's have the best fares. I've been watching  at different times of the day, and on different days, and I think that I heard that one incorrectly. Last night, about  nine-ish, I found a really good fare. I had to call my daughter for advice. Did I have enough time to transfer, is this a good price,should I do it. All affirmative. So I bought them. Then I was so excited that I couldn't fall asleep. I can always take a nap today.

Only 17 more weeks to go. 
I did something else yesterday. I went to a book store and I didn't buy a cook book. I didn't even look in that section. I bought a tour book for Israel. Now I have four of them. Like my cook books, I may be starting a collection. This new one has street maps and I can actually see "my" street.  It even tells me my choices on how to get from the airport to my address. That makes me feel better. At least I now know that taxi's are available, how much, and if I have to tip. Useful information.
I have done some moderate traveling, but actually, this is the first time that I had to be responsible for myself. I usually go with a group or with my daughter. Then I don't even think. I let the tour guide or my son in law do the hard thinking. I can do this. It's never too late to be the one to identify our luggage, arrange the cab, count noses , take a deep breath and revel in the moment. I can't wait. I can do it.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Neighbors ? maybe

Our Israeli house guest is still with us. We are holding her hostage and plan to adopt her. She is that kind of young woman. I am trying to figure out if she is like this because her family is very cosmopolitan,speaking several languages,traveled, or, if because she went away to school when she was fourteen,or, because she is training to be a professional golfer. Probably a combination of all of these things. Her parents can be proud of her.

Today, through Skype, I talked with her sister and her twin nephews,in Israel. They are 3 years olds and for some reason , decided to play their toy instruments while we were talking. Probably they knew I wasn't going to tell them to stop so we can talk. Israeli 3 year olds are a lot like US 3 year olds. Cute. I even got to see their two cocker spaniels. I, of course, had to have Cricket look as wide awake as I could make her so she could make a good impression.
What surprises me, but maybe not really, is that we all do not know each other, but immediately there is a connection. Do Catholic's feel this way? Baptist ? I think it is a Jewish thing, myself.
It's never too late just to welcome this whole family. Some day I might be their neighbor !

The Family Curse

As long as I am on a holiday theme, I just as soon keep going. Holidays brought out the worse in my parents. If they were going to have a fight, it would be 30 minutes before we left to go to Shul.  My father's shoe lace would break, or my mother got a run in her stockings, or my shoes needed polishing. Or , even worse, my Mother smeared her nail polish. Holidays were like that. Because appearances meant everything to my Mother, the fuss stopped at the door. She probably continued it after they came through the door from the street side. She sometimes punished us by not talking to us. I hated that.

 Now we would be labeled a dysfunctional family. I really like that term. It makes me feel as if I belong to a greater group of people and we have this label..dysfunctional family.  I can mark with a check if I am filling out forms...Caucasian, check,female ,check,Jewish,check,and dysfunctional family, check.The best people are in my group. We are high functioning because we grew up in a dysfunctional household. It turned out to be a good thing. My kids are happy that I did. I know the symptoms and can work around them. I am reminded of the holiday tantrums because I just had a slight meltdown. It's OK. I recovered. It's never too late to embrace my family curse. It's made me who I am today..
It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

Just another memory

I have written about this before, but I am always reminded of my day ,in New Orleans, observing Yom Kippur. I have such a vivid picture of all of the kids of my Beth Israel Congregation, standing on the open area in front of the Shul, holding bottles of Coca Cola, waiting for our families to finish the last of the service and break their fast. The sun had long since gone down and the street lights were on.  Our services went on and on. People walked in and walked out. People talked. I bet most people were not even on the same page in their prayer book. AND, you always sat in the same seat. Men on the first floor, women upstairs where we could spy on the men. The actual building was like a Greek palace. It was not handicap assessable . Who could do all of those stairs just to get into the building? And then the woman had this narrow, twisting staircase to get to their seats. 

The kids would roam. We walked from one Shul to another and visited. When I think of the distances we walked, I can hardly believe we did that. 
But the absolute best thing for me, is that my Daddy and I would go out to lunch on Yom Kippur. I don't know why he never fasted, or why this was the only time that just the two of us went to lunch, but it was wonderful. I could hardly wait until lunch time. Then he would pick a place we could walk to . It didn't bother either of us that we were doing this, on Yom Kippur. My sister sat with my Mother and Grandmother. She never came. I don't know why to that either. Probably because in our house, my sister belong to my Mother and I was designated my Fathers. I had more fun.
It's Never too late to think about those days. They probably shaped me more that they were meant to.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Cooler sounds good

Last night the weather person on TV got really excited about a cold front coming our way. I suspect he had to have something to say to us. We haven't, Thank God, had any hurricanes to get excited about. Our weather has been pretty routine for Florida. Hot , with afternoon showers, or very hot with torrential downpours. It's what we expect and we accept this. 

Last night the weather person, was euphoric. A genuine cold front was on the way. Be prepared. We would recognize it when it came.
 I just can't get all that excited when what he said was that the temperature would be in the 80's instead of the 90's. I guess that could be significant if I worked outdoors, but for most people with air conditioned homes, work places , schools, and cars, I'd like a little more to get heated up about.
 I would love a cooler day. I can feel it already. Crisp, cool air. I could wear a sweater when I walked Cricket. This sounds so good. I know I will be the first to complain when the temperature really drops, as it does occassionally. But right now, it sounds really good. It's never too late to look forward to a change of weather . Blue skies, a nice breeze and a temperature of 75. What's not to like. Maybe Cricket will start going out again for her afternoon walk.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Just a little superstitious

I am excited about the approaching Holidays. I am also a little superstitious. Maybe more than a little. We go to one Doctor for Bob, who spends ten minutes with us. He looks at the lab report like it is really telling him something, then he takes Bob's blood pressure sitting down and standing up. Then he tells us to see him in four months. Here is where I get superstitious. If I don't go into the exam room with Bob, the news might be bad. So I go in.

I look for rainbows. Nothing significant happens when I see one, but I am forever hopeful.
So too, I feel I need to be in Temple for Yom Kippur,just to be inscribed in the Book of Life. Why should I take a chance. So far, it's worked.
I also like the fact that I get to celebrate two New Years. This is just plain lucky. If I didn't do so well the first New Years, I get to make it up in the second New Year. I think the Chinese have a similar plan. And they are a pretty smart group. If we aren't careful, everyone will want to be like us and have the opportunity to be inscribed in the Book of Life and celebrate two New Years. It's never too late to let everyone join us. The more friends we have the better.
It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Now is the time to be alive

It is an amazing time that we live in. It is 7:07AM, I am sitting up in bed, in Florida,drinking coffee that originated some place in S. America, I had it ground and shipped from Chicago, and I am, via the internet, making a reservation to be picked up at the Tel Aviv Airport next February. Come on, is this a miracle, or what.

For hold outs that won't change with the times and use computers, get on board. There is just so much out in the world and this little thing that I call a mini brings it all to me. 
Already, I laughed over a video that a friend sent. It was so funny that I had Bob see it and then I forwarded it to my kids. Then I let Eileen Fisher dress me in clothes I can't afford and don't live the life style that they suggest. Then I read my favorite NBN group emails. Someone answered a families request to tell them how to keep 3 kids under the age of 4 happy on the flight to Israel. I thought that some of the advice would work for us. Drugs. Potty stop before the flight. Bring extra diapers. Lots of snacks. Load up your lap top with movies. Drugs. 
Then my favorite doggie place ran a picture of a small dog that I fell in love with Saturday. It is still up for adoption. It's the kind of dog I like. Funny looking. I am taking Cricket to visit it later today. Just looking. Right.?
It's never too late to make an older dog happy, teach an old person a new trick and learn how to travel many miles without having a tantrum. I have an open mind that needs to be filled.

AR 05.10.2014 13:24

Talking about your family makes me feel that it's also my family. There is no FUN in dysfunctional. Today its'cold. is Cricket happy?

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Safe travels. See you soon. sally

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I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

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so glad youre here mom!

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.