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It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

I can't do anything about the thunder

We've had a lot of thunder and lightening lately. Cricket has been tense the whole week. She sits close to us and trembles. I wish that I could console her. She looks at us and seems to think we have control over the thunder. So stop it. That's one of the nice things about a pet. She has such faith in us. What a responsibility. Our kids questioned us on some issues, but our pets never did. If I say to Cricket,"get in your bed", she does. Not always the case when our kids were kids.

I think that having a pet brings out the better qualities in most people. I just finished a confusing book that mid way through introduced a dog into the scene. Whatever irresponsible behavior the main character had, was put aside by his being responsible for the dog. Not in the way that I would be, but it worked for the two of them.The author put that dog in the story for a reason. maybe she was trying to show that a  pet showed the better side of human nature. Someone will have to help me on this one. The book is "Goldfinch". All interpretations are welcomed.

Cricket is just going to have to be brave. There isn't anything I can do about the weather. We can add thunder and lighteneing to her list of things she doesn't like. It's never too late to explain one more time to her that I can not do anything about the weather. Why doesn't she understand. And stop looking at me that way, Cricket.


It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

It was good

I accomplished two things this week end. I bought a small dictionary to keep by the computer and I over ate. One I meant to do, the other just happened. The dictionary is cute. It's very small. About the size of an index card. This may be a mistake, because sometimes, my eyes are a little blurry and I may not be able to see the small print. But as a fashion statement, the book is cute. The dictionary was well used by someone before me. I bought it at our library book shop. I was attracted to it because of it's compact size. The first word I looked up was" ocassion". Seems I usually put too many c's and not enough s's. Now I will never misspell that word . Wait is that two s's or one. It's not in my new dictionary. Strange. I had to ask Bob. Two s's.

About over eating. It's a week end thing. Relax, have a chunk of cheese,eat a dessert. No will power when it comes to cheese. Thank goodness tomarrow is Monday. All diets start on Monday. I can't wait.

It's never too late to just enjoy the day. The day was good. I spent it with a loved one, or two, if you count Cricket. I ate the cheese, I ate the slice of apricot tart.It was all good. No guilt.(really).

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

happy question

I tried something new last night. I asked someone if they had done anything good for themselves this past week. I was introduced to this idea at my first support meeting. It had so happened that I had done something good for myself that week and I could respond in the affirmative. The first person that I asked this question to , said "sure, I had an extraction. I had two teeth pulled". That wasn't what I thought I would hear. Maybe you need to be in the right setting to ask that question. Or maybe we just don't let ourselves admit to having done something just for ourselves. Maybe having two teeth pulled is what is making you happy. I was hoping to start a conversation.

Never mind, I thought it was a good question. I'll ask it again. Now I am curious to ask a number of people and see their response. I think I will get a blank stare for a few seconds while their brain turns inward and they think of some one activity that they did for themselves this past week. If they didn't do anything, maybe now they will . It's never too late to give yourself permission to make yourself happy. You might be the one that I ask, so do something and be ready with your answer.  

It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

Soccer Time

I am a soccer grandma. I have the mini van to prove it. I have this title legitimately . Back when we lived another life, I occasionally brought my grandsons to their games, along with the team cookies and juice boxes. I never understood the finer points of the game but just being with them was enough for us. Thank goodness, I wasn't there the day the goalie fell on my grandsons arm and broke it. It was his own goalie. I don't think that is usual.

I am a sports fan, so I have set my schedule to watch the World Cup.I don't know who the players are, but I like the hype and the patriotism that goes with big international sporting events.

We don't get enough opportunities to be flag waving Americans and I like seeing all of the red, white a blue craziness that goes on with the fans.

It's never too late to be a soccer fan, even if I only watch the prime time events and only every four years. I cleared my calender for the next game and I know all of the words to our National Anthem. Please don't call me Tuesday at 4 PM. I plan on being busy.

It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle


I am on a journey. I learned this when I attended a caretakers support group. I am uncomfortable thinking that I am on this journey. I associate journeys with good times, fun destinations. Now I have to think of this word differently. It reminds me of the word "gay". I grew up with this word having a different interpretation. It was a happy adjective. It is still a desriptive word , but the meaning is so different now.

How do these words take on different meanings ? Who first used them in this context and then the rest of us started using the words in this new way. Journey. I don't really want to be on this "journey". Once I get to the destination will it be a better place for me. Will I go ,if I want to or not. What happens if I want to go some place else.Do I get my word back so that I can use it to go places of my choice. Is journey a metaphor for life ?

It's never too late to go and look this word up in the dictionary. It might help my spelling, too.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle


I have received an answer to my question. Is it a man thing or a stroke thing when your spouse can't recall what you said . The vote is in. After I tallied the two votes, it was unaminous.  Men, in general, just don't remember what their wives say. That makes me feel better. I thought it was me.

On the other hand, maybe I shouldn't remember so many things. I can remember getting a box of frozen chocolate candies for Mother's day. This happened over 50 years ago. Maybe I should just forget the fact that "he" forgot to get me the expected present and he ran to the drug store for anything still left. Frozen chocolate candy. I love this memory. I bring it up every now and then.

But then, I remember that "he" walked from our house, over the bridge, to the jewelry store to buy me a beautiful necklace. The fact that he collapsed on the return walk and ended in the hospital, helps me remember the thought that he had to please me. Memories are like that. Some really funny, some not so great and some that show that the thought was the meaningful act.

it's never too late to keep the memories coming. Now about what I said yesterday..

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Just a thought

I had the brain storm to check on how people spend their lottery winnings and at the same time, I checked to see which are the most winning numbers. I figured that I needed to know this information. People who win buy cars. I am not surprised by this. What surprises me is that they buy the all American dream cars. Chevvies, Ford's, pick up trucks,things with big wheels. I would buy a BMW or a Mercedes. Already, I am not mainstream. Then they would buy a house for every member of the family. I don't want to move. I need to be more creative in my thinking.

Maybe I will buy a house in Jerusalem. I saw one for sale that was so expensive that they were embarrased to quote a price. It even had a Passover kitchen that folded into the wood work, a at home Mikva, a pool, bullet proof glass doors and other items that would help you feel at home there. I wasn't interested. It was a little intimidating.

I am making all of these plans as I do my morning run. Now that I am out every morning, and I have gotten tired of listening to my Walkman, I have time to make plans.This lottery winning is so out of my control that I can dream way out of the box. It's never too late to dream big. Who knows, it could happen. Then I can hire someone to run for me. What a thought.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Cricket sniffs and scorns

One of my sister in laws Mother self published a small cook book with her family recipes. She also told some stories behind the dishes. The book is titled "If I cook it, you will eat it". That's the way it used to be. Mother cooked it and YOU will eat it. That worked in our family ,too.

Of course, I didn't cook anything that I didn't think a majority of the family would like. We ate from artichokes to zuchinni and from gumbo to beef tongue. With liver, grits and bacon thrown in. Ecletic food tastes.

We had dogs who we fed canned dog food to. No boutique food, but cheap canned dog food. I opened the can, they ate and they lived healthy, long lives.

I bring this food pattern up because we now have a dog who mystifies me on her eating plan. She sniffs and scorns. I have offered her canned food, freeze dried food, dry food, home cooked food and raw food. Last night I cooked rice and scrambled eggs for her. We had cold rice in the fridge, but that wouldn't work. We'll make fried rice with it and the humans will eat the left over reheated rice. What's with this dog.? How did she figure out that I would do this for her. Make her food to order. I didn't do this for my kids. If I made it, they would eat it. Simple .

I worry about Cricket. I hear that when a dog gets hungry, they will eat. I can't wait for that. It's against my religion.

It's never too late to try tough love. Hollow words when it comes to Cricket. Excuse me while I go and brown some ground beef for her.


Man thing vs Stroke thing

Many of my readers know that in 1998. Bob had a hemorragic stroke. One function that was affected was his short term memory. So this is the background and here is my question of the day. Is it a man thing or a stroke thing? Here is the scenerio. Yesterday we dropped off a prescription at the pharmacy. We said that we would pick it up the following day at 9AM. When we got home, I said that tomarrow(the day we pick up the prescription) we will go to the Botanic Graden to see a special exhibit.

Forward to next day. Bob wakes up and says, "Don't forget we need to go to the drug store at 9AM'. Great that he remembered. Then I said,"Then what are we going to do?". Blank. Now here is my question, again. Did he remember the meds because it was for him and forgot what I wanted to do ? Is this a man thing or a stroke thing. I'm leaning toward a man thing. What do you think.

It's never too late to just go to the drug store, pick up the prescription and then get in the car and drive to the botanic gardens. Man thing or stroke thing really doesn't matter. He gets his meds and I get to go to the Gardens. I would just like a definitive answer on this man thing verses stroke thing, though. It would simplify my life.

It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

My day of rest

The first thought I had this morning is that I don't know if I did enough this past week to deserve a day of rest. I had to look at my calendar and make an executive decision. Every square was written on on my desk calendar. I take that to mean that I was a little productive this past week.

I had to validate myself and, now, I think I can take this day of rest without guilt. I read 2 books,"ran",filled in for a few hours for our Congregations receptionist, I had office hours,I met a friend for breakfast,I took Cricket to the groomer, I had my violin lesson,which meant that I practiced every day (almost). I also fixed 7 lunches and 7 dinners. I talked on the phone and I did my daily blog. I went to the grocery several times. Nothing spectacular, nothing that people all over the world don't do.

 But enough about me. I will take this Sabbath and enjoy the calm that I get from knowing that it is here. It's never too late to just stop and smell not the roses, but the fresh cut grass . I'll take it.

It's Never Too late
leona uchitelle

Disappointing book read

I just read a book that had the author been anyone other than Danielle Steel, it never would have been published. For some reason, I have never read any of her books, but I saw this little book at the library and it caught my attention. The title is "Pure Joy" and it is the history of the the dogs that she has owned.

I know that she is a prolific writer, popular and has probably made a lot of money. I figured this last part out because she spends a lot of time writing about how often she flies back and forth to Paris with her dog. And that is not Paris,Illinois.

They say everyone has a book in them, I think this wasn't the one for Danielle. I did learn that she has a bunch of children. I would have liked to read about how she raised them and wrote so many novels. Did ahe have nannies, did she cook dinner,did the kids grow up happy?

I was disappointed in the book, but fortunately, our Public Library has many more books that will catch my attention when I go back on Monday, which is designated L Day in our house.

It's never too late to give even an established author a pass every now and then. They can't be winners every time. And maybe she needs the money. Air France just raised their first class fares, I hear.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

It's still Vegan

I planned on making falafel for dinner last night. I decided not to bake my own Pita and even made a special trip to the grocery to buy some. In fact, I was rather excited to be making falafel. I haven't made them in awhile and I had a taste for them. And they are Vegan. I had the tahini, the veggies,the pickles. Everything. I went to get a can of gabanzo beans out of the cabinet... I didn't have any. What kind of a house is this. I had cannellini beans, black beans, red beans, raw lentils, raw split peas.. but no garbanzo beans. I don't know how this could have happened. I guess because I thought that this was a staple that I always have, I didn't actually check before I decided to make falafels. I guess I could have used another bean, but I don't think that is Kosher. Oh well. After cooking for 60 years, I can go to another plan. We had Mexican instead of Israeli. Close.

This made me think about what I would have done if we were still in Chicago. We'd call in. You don't hear that expression here in Paradise. Here, you go out. This is the one thing that  I miss about a big city. Calling in. Not for Pizza, but a whole meal. We were so spoiled. Steak sandwiches from one place. Lamb chops and mashed potatoes from another. We made the call and then waited. It was worth it. That's what I miss about the big city. Calling in. Not the museums, the public transportation,the shopping for ethnic ingredients, but the calling in.

It's good that this deficit only hits me a couple of times a year.

It's never too late to just open another type of bean and go from Israel to Mexico in the time it takes to turn the can opener. It's all good. And it is Vegan.


It's never Too Laten
leona uchitelle

different cooking style

I feel like a trend setter. Weeks ago, I decided that meat was not worth the price. Now, the networks are reporting that the prices of beef are going to go up even higher. This just validates all of the Vegan CookBooks that I have been buying. After cooking for 60 years, some of it vegetarian, it is sorta fun to now be cooking in yet another style.

When we ate Vegetarian, we thought we were on the right track . I guess that I missed the class that said that cheese souffles, dairy dishes  and cream sauces were not what was in mind for a healthy diet. But they were vegetarian ! I made a mean cheese souffle. Because Bob worked from home, I could count on everyone being at the table to see the unveil of a beautiful high rising cheese souffle.

We have been eating no meat now for several weeks. Even with our summer visitors we have avoided meat. Fish and chicken still work just fine.

Interestingly, we have not missed meat. I don't think that I am ready to go Vegan completely. I've been using Mark Bittman as an example. He has a book out that encourages you to eat Vegan until 6 PM. Then eat ,in moderation, whatever you want. He deals with food all day long and was gaining weight, had elevated blood sugar and high cholestrol in the process. This theory worked for his weight loss and his general health. It sounded interesting, so I thought that I would follow suit. It's easy. And if you go out to eat, everything is fair game.

You sometimes need a change and cooking differently is a cheap way to challenge yourself. I can justify another cookbook, I get to go to the produce store more often, I get to try new food combinations and I have come up with some winning recipes. Win win for our diet plan.

It's never too late to be inspired to cook in a different way. After 60 years ,the romance isn't over, but the call to dinner was getting stale .


It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle


I have so many passwords for my electronic sites, that I have to write them down. I know that there is an app for passwords, I have it. But I need the password to get into the app. I have been booted out of some of my sites because they say I am not who I say I am. I should know. I am me. I also know that my computer is only as smart as the person feeding it information. And that person is me. Not a very inspiring thought.

I hear that soon, you will not need passwords. You can use your finger or blink your left eye, or something like that, and your electronics will respond. I'll be really happy when that happens. I knew that some smart kid in a garage would figure this out. And in my life time.

Using the internet has opened so many avenues that I'm glad to be sticking around to see what else is out there. I can convert monies from NIS (Israeli sheckels) to US currency, I can write to my friends, I can pay bills and deposit the few checks that I get. All amazing. What a wonderful time that we live in. Now if I could punch in a code for world peace, that would be the icing on the cake.

It's never too late to be understanding about mutiple passwords. I do have a few more waiting to be used. I can share if you run out.


Lottery, again

It's hard to make up my mind about how I want to spend my imagined winnings from the lottery. While I was doing my weekly long "run", yesterday, I decided to reallocate the winnings. I decided not to move. Then I decided to buy a Range Rover. I thought that I would look cool getting out of it. I would probably need a step stool to get in, but I could afford to have some kind of a lift made for me . Or a pool boy to help me get in.

The problem was that I could'nt decide how to arrange for the monies that I haven't won and that I planned to give to my congregation when I do win. Should I make membership free. Should I request that the building be renamed for us. I nixed that thought. Should I have a director who handles the daily business. So many decisions.

That occupied my thoughts for most of the "run".  Then I had to think about do I just give my grandsons the money, or do I do a trust so the money lasts. Such decisions to make and really, I wasn't out "running" for that long. Maybe I neeed a longer "Run" so I can come to some conclusions about all of these winnings that I don't have. 

It's never too late to do first things first. Like buy the $1 winning ticket.

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