New Page-------New Day

Google me

Anything that I need to know, can be found on Google. That is why ,yesterday, I wanted to look up a subject that I had checked before, but now wanted to print. I went to Google, where I had found it the first time and put in "What do Rabbi's do". There are pages of the answers. But, interspersed in with this subject is "Rabbits". I don't know why this is. But I can save you a lot of time by telling you not to go there. Rabbits must be popular pets because there are as many listings for them as there are for Rabbi's. Do rabbit's need shots? Do rabbits need to eat greens? Do rabbits need to be neutered ? What does it mean if a rabbit eats its feces. I know disgusting things about rabbits. I also know that I do  not want one for a pet.

I wasn't thinking of making a Rabbi a pet, I was just curious about their daily routines.I never did  find the page I originally had. And after scrolling 17 pages ofGoogle choices, I decided to get on with my life.

Its never too late to want to learn and to use electronic searches, but I have to be more explicite when I ask Google a question. Give her too much information and you will be sorry you asked.

How about bacon

I'm going out for breakfast this morning. I am really   excited because I don't think I've ever been out to breakfast since I moved here. I go out for lunch. I go out for dinner. But not for breakfast. That may be because we get up so early and by 6AM , we've had breakfast. By the time anyone would want to meet me for breakfast, I'm ready for lunch. 

I am thinking what I will order. I don't like eggs that much, so that's out. Then I don't care for pancakes so much, either. I'm not so sure what is left. I do like bacon, and I don't fix it at home. Who wants to splatter the stove, that's why I don't do bacon at home.  Nothing smells better than frying bacon. That smell can permeate a whole house. I have it. Waffles and bacon. I hope this is on the menu.

If I have to go to plan B, I might be there for a while .I should go with some thought of what I  want to eat. It's never too late to have a plan. Even for breakfast. 

Is my iPad Jewish ?

 Yesterday,I tried to put my password onto my banks site, so I could deposit a check. By it's self, just being able to deposit a check via my iPad is amazing. I don't get that many checks and I already spoke of how I deposited one check many times because I kept pushing the tab that said deposit. I learned my lesson and I am more patient now. This is the first check that I am depositing, since I learned to only push deposit once. 

This time I couldn't get my password to work and open my account. I kept trying , but the message was that my password wasn't right. I seldom look at the screen while I am typing, because I am a one finger typer and I look at the keyboard. When I did look at what I was typing, the letters of my password were coming up in Hebrew !! I do have a Hebrew keyboard, but as far as I know, I hadn't switched over to it. Weird.

Was my computer telling me something. Is my computer Jewish? My computer is confused enough.When I do transfer to the Hebrew keyboard, it refuses to print right to left. So my name would come out not Leah, but haeL, but in the Hebrew letters. Weird.

Fortunately, I had learned by experimentation how to turn off the hebrew keyboard and I did get to the place where I could actually deposite my check.

But the mystery remains of how my keyboard decided on it's own to convert to Hebrew. It's never too late to use this as another sign that maybe I should keep thinking about making Aliyah. And to figure out how to get my keyboard to write right to left.

L'Chaim to life

I just learned that I had a technical glitch and what I wrote is somewhere other than here. Too bad, because now I don't remember what I was thinking, many hours ago.

I do know that I just shared lunch with a favorite member of our community. She looked terrific, she interacted with her group of seniors, she was happy  and she did not look her 105 years. How does she do it ? How does one person get to be so uplifting,so uncomplaining about what life has thrown at her ? How can she teach it to the rest of us? 

If I live as long as she has, I want to be just like her. What a role model. Maybe her gift is that she doesnt take even one day for granted. Every day is special .That may be what we have to take from her.

Its never too late to still do that. Today is a gift, my family is a gift, life is a gift. Whatever comes tomarrow, will be a gift. Thanks Charlotte ,for reminding me.

Where is WGN when I need them

I will have to think about what I will watch on TV after we see "Sixty Minutes". No more football, no more Olympics,and too early for the basketball play offs. What do people watch when there are no sporting events ? I'll have to ask around .If I still lived in Chicago, I could watch the Cubs at spring training or watch the Bulls. But we don't get those programs on my TV. In fact, I don't even get Chicago news any more. I don't understand what happened. I was so loyal to this channel and now, the news is gone and a situation comedy that doesn't make me laugh, is in its place. I keep meaning to write to the parent company and ask what happened. I don't think it will get my news back, but I could make a point of telling them that I know of four people who watch their news from Venice, Florida. Some how, I don't think that is too impressive.

I was thinking how I would be if we didn't have evening TV. It's a part of my nightly routine. I guess I could read, but that is a day time activity for me. I could knit, but I need something in the background. I could listen to music. But I would let my mind wander and I am not sure I will like where it might go. And just before bed, this would keep me awake.

I'll have to be a channel hopper and see what catches my fancy. maybe I can find something to challenge my mind,except I really don't want that. Give me mindless TV viewing. Maybe that situation comedy is the right one for me, after all.

It's never too late to keep the remote handy and just spend the evening playing push the buttons. No telling what I might find that I like. Mindless TV is the way to go.


I have watched some of the Olympic events and I have a theory. All of the winners are beautiful, have very white teeth, big smiles and no zits. How do they do that . I think I understand how they got to be winners. They have that drive to be better than anyone else, they know that they are good and they just take on the persona of what we expect in a winner. They absolutely believe in themselves, their parents believe in them and their country believes in them. They are winners if they win that particular day of their event or not.

Wouldn't the world just be so wonderful if every one was born into a situation like this. 

My bubble just broke. I am remembering how some of the judges were pressured to give high marks to to their countrymen, how some medals were taken back because of drugs. I guess that is the perfect world. You do something wrong and eventually you get caught and you pay the price. 

Here I thought that in a perfect world, everyone could be a winner. I guess a perfect world has cheaters, uneven teeth ,zits and losers.

It's never too late for me to remember that you take what you were given and you do the best that I can with ,every day. That's winning in the real world.

Now I know the date

This is a little pathetic, but we bought a dry eraser board that we can write the day and date on. I put it on the bathroom door, so we can be sure to take notice. The problem was that now since we don't get a paper, we often know the day of the week, but not the date. We had nothing to remind us. So now, we know. 

I feel better already. The days of the week have something that distinguishes them from another day, but that doesn't give us the date . Especially, too, since banking is electronic, I don't need to put a date on a check. Now ,I only have to check my bathroom door. It's such a novelty, that I haven't forgotten to write the date down yet. I did spelI  February wrong on my first attempt. I printed the "b" as a "d". I knew it looked funny. I am sure that there will be a time when I forget to change the date for several days and once again, we will have to say to each other,"what date is this".But then I can check my electronic calendar and be on track again

Life can be so simple when you let it. A white black board on the bathroom door ! It helps ground us when we can't understand how we can talk to our grandchildren through my computer, or deposit a check  with a picture and the push of a tab on my iPad. KISS. is the word of the day. It's never to late for that. I'll do that right now to Bob. (Do I need to write out Keep It Simple Stupid?  KISS .---I didn't think so)

money well spent, over and over again

Our condo is too quiet. Everyone went home. There are no more guests on my calendar. The futon is folded, the extra blankets put away. It's OK for a few days, but I miss everyone, already. 

We had a rush of family visit. I guess this is what happens when the winter is horrific every where but Florida. We loved it.

Now I have to decide if I want a cleaning service to come in and make a sweep through the place. Passover is coming and I belong to the old school that thinks you should clean on two occasions, the High Holy days and Passover. Only this year, I think that it would be nice if someone else did it. 

I think  that I will treat myself to a cleaning service. After all, I did win a raffle. The check is in the mail, but I think they are good for it.

It's never too late to spend my winnings over and over again. It's like a debit card. Pretty soon my balance will be zero. But first I have to get it in the mail.

one tap will do you

 I learned how to deposit checks using my iPad. This is so cool,since I bank out of state. However, if you push the send button more than once, because you think it didn't go through, you will be punished. Punishment is hearing really bad, loud , atonal music on your phone, while you wait for a bank representative to come back to their desk, to help you clear this up. 

My bank has been very good to work with for the 60 years that we have used them. We even had a personal banker. I don't know if we still do. We no longer have any wealth to manage, so I think they gave her to someone else. I just think this, because I don't get birthday cards from her anymore.

The music was so bad that I had to hold the receiver away from my ear while I was on hold. I think they are aiming for a younger depositor,if the choice of music was an indicator.

But my story has a happy ending. She cancelled the multiple deposits of the same check and left me with one. She probably joked about the older woman in Florida who impatiently pushed "deposit" a half dozen times, when she went home to her family. I can get even though. She probably had to shovel her driveway to get into her garage, while I turned on my AC when the sun beat down on  the west side of our condo. It's never to late to get even.

I win, again

This is getting serious. Sunday, I won a raffle, and yesterday, in the mail was a check from a closed bank account. I forgot about this account and what a surprise when the bank contacted me and asked what did I want to do with the money. Just send me the check,please. I since learned that other people were notified about monies in dormant account. What a great surprise. I need to buy myself something special.  Maybe I should just put all of my winnings in the bank. This is a serious decision. So far, no one has asked me to lend them any money. I guess that happens when you win big bucks.

I just remembered that I bought a Power Ball lottery ticket that will be announced tonight. I'll wait for them to contact me .I don't want to break my winning streak by appearing anxious.

I think that all of these nice surprises are happening to me, because finally,  my winning streak was waiting for an important win. Forget pin the tail on the donkey, I am going for the big time win, now.

It's never too late to be optimistic. How much is that Power Ball.

sometimes shopping is not the answer

I hope that this isn't an indicator of my future, but I went thrift store shopping yesterday and I   came away empty handed. I can't understand what happened. My daughter is in town and usually, no matter what town we are in, we go thrift store shopping and come away with her next seasons clothing. Yesterday, nothing.

First the Olympics didn't hold my attention and now, Goodwill . I hope that this is just a temporary set back. I am not going to suggest to her that we actually go to a Mall and shop. I do have my reputation to uphold.

Maybe it was because it was an unusually beautiful day and we should have been outdoors,  basking in our sun and blue sky. Or maybe , it was because it was a school holiday and everyone was out shopping. It was hard to get in the mood when the aisles are so crowded. I had to manuever around 3 pre teens, Two were in the shopping cart and the third was pushing them through the aisles. Looked like fun, but we were on a missions.

It's never too late to not get discouraged,we still have 2 days to have a change of heart before she goes back to snow and low temperatures. I plan to take her on another shopping trip. It's the least I can do.

Finally, I win

  1. I can never again say that I haven't won anything. I hit it big. I won a super prize at our Congregations big fund raiser.Now I can't complain about never wwinning anything.What will I do to fill the void.

I did win $1 in January from the State lottery. Add that to winning now in February and It's clear, that I have to gamble on winning every month. A win a month. It'll be like being in a "Book of the month Club" . If I buy a lottery ticket every month, I get to win something every month. I like that idea. 

My daughter is visiting, and she reminds me that I said that when I win the lottery, I will clean the enterior of her old car. The car is gone now, so does that mean I am still accountable for cleaning her car. Is this transferable. I need legal advice .

I can now understand how a big time winner can get confused and make poor decisions. I didn't know that winning could be this complicated.

I have already decided what to do with my winnings. I will prepay my next years Congregations dues. That seems like a win win to me. It's never too late to buy the Power ball lottery ticket. I feel like a winner.

I might know them

When I am not reading CookBooks, I sometimes read mystery books. I just found an author I have not read before. His name is David Rosenfelt. His passion is golden retrievers and I guess there is always one in his story. What has endeared him to me is his irreverance. In his acknowledgement portion of the first book I read, he said that his editor said he had to thank people. So like a petulant child, he thanked two pages of people,two columns per page. He thanked Albert Einstein,  Harry Truman, Betty Grable... you get the picture. I thought it was pretty funny , but I read the list. 

When I buy a picture frame and there are pictures already put into them from the manufacturer, I study them to see if I might know them. Duh. I wonder if anyone else does that. I've never asked . When there were such things as photography studios and there would be pictures props, I look at those too. And I just remembered that there is a shopping mall here that when you go to the bathrooms, there are large blow ups of beautiful families with pictures taken at the beach or in a manicured yard. I stop and look at them. Come to think of it, we have lived her over 7 years and the same people are in those shots. 

It's never too late to know that I am not going to see anyone that I know in a mass produced picture, but I'll keep looking. Who knows.

One busy week

This was a fast week. It started with my "G" string breaking at rehearsal and ended with a wonderful Shabbat service, held under a tent . How much better can that get. 

Last week, I dropped my violin ,which upset me terribly. I thought everything was OK. But at rehearsal, a string broke ,which meant I had to leave the room and spend precious minutes replacing it and tuning up again. I later learned that I had minisculy moved the bridge when I dropped it and it was enough to put pressure on the string and break it. I knew my instrument was sensitive. 

Because of our Congregations big fund raiser,which was being set up in our Sanctuary, we had to hold Shabbat services outdoors, under a tent. It was a little bitter sweet, because last year, at this same time and under this tent, we had two more members. We remembered their memory. But 40 people showed up to celebrate the Sabbath with us. It was cold for Florida, but we knew this and most of us were prepared. To help us along, we had a few bottles of sacromonial wine to pass around and we all joined in the blessings. It is always special when we join in a service like this. It is casual, off the cuff and it draws us closer. It was brief, no Torah . I was expecting 10 people to show up. Having 40 was a MItzvah. 

You know that song,"Everybody loves Saturday Night"? I love Friday night. Its never too late to get that feeling of belonging to a community when we all choose to sit huddled, close together, under a tent and with a full moon and celebrate the Shabbat.It's pretty close to being perfect.

TV's we have known

When we had kids at home, and it was the summer Olympics,we were usually at our rustic cottage . We had a phone , we had electricity, we had heat, but we didn't have a TV. We handled this by going to any neighbor who was kind enough to say,"why don't you come and watch at our place". And we took them up on it. We had that cottage for over 30 years ,without a TV until I bought a little one at an auction, for a dollar. It behaved as you would expect a dollar TV to act. Black and white and only got one station, if you jiggled the ears. It was a challenge. By this time, the kids were gone and I felt a little funny about sitting on a neighbors floor, watching the Olympics. 

We only went to watch TV one other time at our neighbors cottage. We were there on 9/11.  They knew we had a daughter and her family in NY. They wanted to help us.We couldn't reach our daughter . We didn't know where our Grandson ,who goes to school in the city ,was. Having neighbors when you need them makes a scary time easier.

We left that little TV at our cottage when we sold it. I bet the new owners replaced it. It's never too late to explain to our 9 year old Grandson what rabbit ears are , and yes,TV used to be black and white. Ah, the good old days, not.



cricket the volunteer dog

I'm going to sign Cricket up to be certified as a therapy dog. I have the info and later today, I will make the phone call and make the committment . It's a no brainer as far as Cricket is concerned. She already loves people, she loves to be stroked and she will sit as long as you want her too. She's a little lazy, like that. But all qualities that a service dog may need.

I am doing this for a few reasons. One, I think she may then get a discount on the airfare when I travel with her and , she can be out of a travel case. Maybe that is for service dogs . She will be a therapy dog. I better check.

Anyway, I hope she gets a little vest. That will be so cute. She makes people feel good already, so she is a natural for being certified.

I did bring her to an assissted living place a long time ago. She barked at the walkers. That will not be good. But with training, I am sure we can become a team and do some volunteering. 

This will be Cricket's mitzvah. She makes us happy and she will be able to help bring a little of her special gift to anyone who needs to hold and pet a sweetie pie. It's never too late to know that we have a special dog and we are willing to share her..but she comes home with me.


I've been watching the Olympics every evening and I have to confess that I am finding them boring. Have I become jaded, have I lost interest?

When I think of the host country and their leader, I think that I shouldn't even be watching. He represents everything that I am not. His homophobic beliefs, his brutality, his demeaner, just him, makes me cringe. Why did the committee even pick Russsia as the host. Probably politics as usual.

Our athletes have worked for years to get to this point, they do the best that they can on the day that they compete.I don't have an issue with that. They are so focused on their sport, I bet most don't have a political bone in their body. And if they do support gay atheletes and human rights, they wouldn't make a public statement and jeopardize their own career. That's life. Take it or leave it.

How did I even get on this rampage. I only started out to say that I was bored with the events. I think I should'nt watch anymore. The joy is gone.

stand up straight

You know what is nice about February? It is only the 11th and it is almost half over ! Short and sweet. 

I'm short. I have never had a problem with being short. It's nothing personal. My Daddy was short, my Mother was short. It just was. I have a friend who has a real issue with height. I don't get it.

A couple of years ago, I realized that some of my friends who were taller than I, were now the same height. At first, I overlooked it because I thought I was mistaken. But it was true. They shrunk, I stood up straighter. Then I noticed that I became taller then they were. Now that was unnatural. That made me uncomfortable. I liked being the smallest one around. Now I am not.

It is a little disconcerting to realize that I no longer look upwards to some of these friends. It is a level playing field and sometimes, I am actually   taller. Who would have thought ? 

It is never too late to stand up straight, keep your bones strong and don't make your friends feel bad because now I am the top dog.


Getting smarter all of the time

Yesterday, we went to our favorite book store. It was an ephipiny moment. The subject that I wanted took me to a section of the store that I had never been in. See what happens when you step away from the cook books and out of your comfort zone. I didn't know that there was another side to the store. The clerk kept walking and walking to show me what I wanted. My world as I knew it has changed.

There are books devoted to electronics. Word Press, Blogging, how to use your digital camera, anything you don't know, has a book, so now, if you understand what is written, you can do it. And books relating to business. Once out of the CB section, I could learn a few things. I was excited. I didn't even look at CB's. I bought Robert's Rules  of Order for Dummies. That seemed a good start for me. Then I got a book about Blogging. I want more of an audience, so I will read what to do about that. 

Those Dummies books have titles for everything.What a great idea someone had. Why didn't I think of it . You can't miss those yellow and black covers. I am getting quite a collection of them. I wonder if my IQ is directly related to how many Dummy books I have. That could be embarrassing . Maybe I shouldn't be so free with the telling of how many Dummy's I have.

It's never too late to enjoy going to a book store for a few hours. I'm getting out of my box and exploring other interests. It's all good.

not on purpose what

  1. ,I had a heart stopping experience the other day. My violin fell onto the floor. And we have tile floors. I was shaken for the rest of the day. I was physically sick.I think this must mean that I can now be considered a musician. I feel as one with my instrument. I checked everything on it. The back, the front,the strings were still intact, no new cracks. I do have a crack in the violin. It gives it character and it probably enhances the sound. It was there when I got it.y

My violin  has a personality. Sometimes it plays well for me, and occasionally, it is boss. I think my violin has been put together with other pieces from other violins. Thats the romantic story that I tell. 

I never had my own instrument before. I try to take good care of it. After it fell, I felt so terrible, that I took out my Old Ceder furniture polish and polished it. I had to show it that I didn't drop it by being careless. It just flew off of my neck.

I think I have a rapport with my instrument. It got even with me for dropping it. At rehearsal, the "G string just withered and plunked off. It was fine one minute and the next, I'm sitting in orchestra with a dead string. It showed me. Lucky for me, I can play the game , too. I had an extra G string and the violins builder was sitting next to me to help with the tuning.

I'm going to keep my eye on this violin. It plays dirty. It's never too late to order a extra set of strings and put a rug down around my playing area.








My favorite night of the week

What a nice Shabbat service we had last night. The ladies of Hadassah celebrated their special Shabbat and they out did themselves. The first Aliyah went to a 98 year old, beautiful woman. She is the one who when you marvel at her age, will tell you that her sister is 100. This beautiful woman still plays the piano , and quite well. She accompanies others when they sing, she performs once a month at a concert. She is not resting on her laurels. She can show us all how to live to the fullest. What is her secret. I've never asked. But from what I see it has several components. Good genes, certainly. But her attitude has to count for 90% of her longevity. She is active, she is interested, she is kind, she has a sense of humor,she drives. We would all do well to mold ourselves like this matriarch. I am going to start today.

The first thing that I will do is dress in more colorful clothing. I will wear purple more often. I will wear make up when I leave the house. I will openly smile at people. I will practice my instrument every day. I will challenge myself to keep saying yes. It's never too late to learn from a master. She knows something that she has to share with the rest of us.

It is what it is

Occassionally, I feel the need to remind everyone that I still do want to move to Israel.There are two of me and one of me is very happy here at Bird Bay. How could I destroy his comfort level and world. It just doesn't work like that.

Too bad. Life moves so much quicker as you get older. Who wants to miss any of it.? 

I've been reading my favorite Nefesh B Nefesh emails, and many of the letters are addressing bringing older parents to Israel. I can learn from the readings. Are more adult children bringing the parents with them when they make Aliyah. Are medical benefits better in Israel for older citizens. Instead to retiring to Florida, do you now retire to Israel. Do you get better private care in Israel. It would seem so. Even with all of my questions being asked and having the answer being yes, one of us doesn't want to change what we are comfortable with.

Too bad, because I like changing things up.  Oh well, I signed on for the long haul and that's that.

It's Never too late to stay healthy, keep an optimistic frame of mind, be supportive and hope that I last long enough to do my thing.

Early to bed means really early to get up.

For some reason, I have been having a problem staying asleep. So I think. I have plans to make and the quiet of the night works quite well. 

I plan things that I don't want to think about during the day. Like, should I be creamated and where would I want my ashes to go.Or should Bob be creamated and where should his ashes go. Cemetaries are getting expensive and crowded. Then what about a Memorial service. Should I plan the details now so everyone has a good time. Nothing like a good cry , good food and a good crowd of friends. Sorry to be missing it. Do I scatter ashes anywhere I want? Bob loves Bird Bay. Maybe I can scatter ashes among the Tee's. They have a lot of Association rules here. I might have to break them.

I exhausted that subject and had to think about something else. This middle of the night thinking is taking it's toll. Maybe I should rewind a technicolor musical in my brain. I'll go for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".That should put me back to sleep and in a good mood. I always liked the music and if I fall asleep during it, I know how it ends. Dorothy ends up back in Kansas and I will be back in Florida. 

Its never too late for a good thinking session, but  does it have to be at 2 AM?


clothes make the man

I noticed something else about golf players . I stayed mostly on my back yesterday , in pain, with a sciatic nerve flare up. It is not normal for me to be in pain, or to be inactive for most of the   a day, while I waited for meds to kick in. I watched a number of people playing on the course that is my front yard. It was something to do.

I noticed that couples playing together wore matching colored shirts. That was so cute.  I don't think that my husband and I have one shirt that matches. Maybe we both do have white T shirts, but his is an undershirt and mine has rhinestone-y things on it. Definitely not matching in any way. 

I watched a four some from a distance and two had on red, and two had on blue. Very noticable. I thought that it was man and wife couples. When they got to the hole next to my lanai, it was all men. They had to have made color arrangements before they meet. It couldn't be a coincidence. 

When I go to the grocery store, I pass a field where large numbers of adults are playing croquet. They are all, and I mean all,  in white. It is so British. So Cool.

I guess it is true that clothes make the man and that you should dress for the sport in which you are participating.

It's never too late,to play a game and dress the part. Do winners wear pj's.



Look, touch and some times buy

My computer guru completed my day by installing my new "tower". I can use my desk computer again. I probably have one too many computers, especially for someone who is not that electronically smart. I have 3. A desk model, a little red one, and now my Ipad. I think the red one has got to go.  I can turn it in and get credit for it. 

I almost don't want to tell it that I am thinking this. I know how sensitive these electronics can be.  For a special treat, we sometimes just go to the electronic store to spend a few hours. Some people go to the shopping mall and walk around, we go to Best Buy and browse. Also, there is a book store in the same strip mall and along with the electronics, we have a great afternoon. Books, a cafe in the corner, and electronics. How good is that. 

We sometimes go to Trader Joe's to see what's there. I always come away with more than I planned . We are such cheap dates. Also Trader Joe's is across the street from Best Buy. Did they plan this just for me. A whole afternoon spent walking aisles, reading labels,browsing books that I will never buy, pushing buttons on electronic toys that I will never buy, how does it get any better. 

Its never too late to admit that I would rather go to Best Buy and TJ's than Macy's or TJMaxx. Where did I go wrong ?

straightened closet, guilt free

Because I took out blankets from my under bed storage container, I took the opportunity to do a little more scaling down , when it was time to put the blankets away. How do I continue to collect so much stuff. How insecure I am. I keep quilts and blankets around, just in case. Well, I did need a few, but not all that I have. I must make this break and get rid of at least a few.

While I was at it, I kept going and filled a bag with purses and tops that I never wear. Most of it was bought at Good Will, so it is a win win. I paid cash, and I am now bringing it back, and they can sell it , again.

I did decide to keep the red Coach bag that I bought for $4.99. It's authentic. Has the tags and label. I don't actually use it, but I feel so smart because I recognized it as a "brand". 

I have a lot of travel stuff. I don't do that much traveling, but you never know. I have a safety fanny pack that you can't cut off of the wearer. I have over the chest bags that keep your passport safe. I have a travel pillow, a travel blanket, slippers, etc. Even if I go some where, do I really need all of this. I am insecure, so I guess I do. I kept it all.

My closet is less crowded. Bob has a little more hanging space. That should make him happy, if he cared. He didn't feel crowded, I just felt guily when I saw that I took up 7/10th of the walk in closet. I just moved most of my stuff into the second bedroom closet. Most of our guest don't use the closet anyway. I will have to remember to push my things to the side when we have company who sleep over.

It's never too late to keep getting pleasure out of  straightening   a closet. It's the little things that matter the most and give me a sense of order.


My parents, when we finally got a TV, kept it on all of the time. It was background noise. When Bob went to ask my parents permission to marry me (this was what was done then) he had to ask them to turn off the TV.

We didn't get our own TV until we had 3 kids and the space walk was going to be televised.  It was very small and black and white. We kept it in the basement.

We finally got a color TV and brought it up to our bedroom, where our TV's have been ever since.

When we bought our colored set, we had four children. The first show we watched was Nova and the subject was brain surgery, Aron , our youngest,watched  intently and then at the end, he said,"I can do that". 

That always stuck with me. He is the same kid who after we were visiting his Grandparents in Great Neck and we made a big deal of going to Jones Beach to "see" the Atlantic Ocean, said, "It looks just like Lake Michigan", turned his back and started playing in the sand.

When he was three he told us that he was the Missiah. We're not going to mess with him.

These are funny things that happen when you are too busy to enjoy them. Now, years later, we get a warm feeling remembering all of those times.

It's never too late to just sit back and let one memory topple on top of another memory. Long term  memory is a great thing. If I can't go short, I'll go long .


The bad guy goes to jail.

Last night at services, our Rabbi's sermon was that in the New York Penal system, there are so many ultra Orthodox Jews, that someone wrote a book for them on how to remain observant in jail. That brought a laugh from us. The rest of our sermon told us that first we serve humans and then God. That these felons were not serving God by doing bad things. First serve the human and God will wait. That is the Jewish way.

Whenever I read of some bad deed, I always, subconsciously ask that it not be a Jew involved. Especially a Jew that walks around in garb that makes him very visably a Jew and one who practices a form ofJudaism that I do not understand.. He is still a bad person and I am not. Being a fake Jew is what I call him.

Yes , this does make me feel better. He got caught. I can go on to celebrate my form of Judaism, which puts humans first, the way it is supposed to be.

It's never too late for me to be proud to be my kind of Jewishness. I like being Jewish and I like putting people (and animals) first. It's the right thing to do. Let's write a book about us good guys.

lynn 14.02.2014 15:16

Your grandson age 9 knows about b/w and bunny ears because we do not have cable! It's out 'rustic' NYC pad!!!

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Safe travels. See you soon. sally

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I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

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so glad youre here mom!

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.