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Rainy day

Yesterday, our Congregation had a poetry reading event. I had no idea that we were so talented. Our creative side of our brains are still awake. Some of the poems were sad and many of us wiped a tear away. A few made us laugh,the rest were imagery that we could all see in our heads. It was a good afternoon. We gave up our nap to go and I'd that again if we planned another reading next year.!

While we were at the readings, it was raining, again. It has been doing that a lot this last month.I don't think we are in a drought situation as we were last year. Last year ,I could smell the smoke from brush fires when I left the air conditioned house. That made me nervous. I knew that we could experience a hurricane, but I wasn't thinking about fires. Our daughter who lives in the mountains of Colordo is very mindful of forest fires and we always remember that our son lost his entire house,truck and peace of mind when his and 7 other homes on his side of the mountain went up in flames. Give me the daily rain, any day.

It's never too late to appreciate a down pour, especially if you can watch it from an air conditioned room and have it stop before you have to go out. Cricket thinks so too.


With one hand heavily bandaged, I realized that working with just my less dominate hand would be a challenge. Opening a cap on the toothpaste and squeezing the tube, plus actually getting the paste on the brush was my first inkling. Even brushing with my left hand felt funny.  I won't even go to the using of the toilet. I ate spaghetti for 2 days. No need to cut anything. The bandage is off now, I had my 48 hours of attention and it's back to same old, same old. I liked the attention and I'm happy it is done with.

It just happened that a new plane load of American's made Aliyah yesterday. Through technology, I could watch their landing in Israel, see them smiling and laughing as they stepped onto the Tarmac in Tel Aviv. I sat ,with my bandaged hand and watched my little Computer screen. I had time to just sit and watch, live as it happened. Technology is wonderful. Forget the good old days, now is when it is good to be alive.

It's never too late to appreciate a good surgeon with all of the tools to remove a growth and to appreciate the technology that keeps a plane load of people up in the sky and lands them safely in Israel. 


Last night I saw a photo of my grandsons' new house. He and his wife just closed on it. It is beautiful. I bet that it has grass to mow. This grandchild grew up in Brooklyn and I very clearly remember his saying , when he was a boy, that when he grew up, he wanted a lawn to mow. See how dreams come true. 

This is the second grandson to buy a house. That house is beautiful too. Both of theses new home owners are in their very early 20's. We had 3 kids and had been married 9  years before we bought our first and long time home. That house made for good times and Knowing both of these grandson's ,their houses will make for many years of good times.

It's never too late to be just so proud of theses two  of our 5 handsome and above average grandsons.

Busy busy

I had a very full day. I met with my new coach. I haven't been physically active since I fractured several metatarsals in my right foot. I decided to try race walking , but needed some pointers. Hench the coach. I thought we were just going to talk,with a little demonstration. I should have known better. An hour later, with unused muscles burning and totaling up how many times I went around the track, I had put in a 3 mile workout. It felt like old times and my brain was saying " this is good,you can do it"Then I went home and fell into a deep sleep!

After my nap, I had my violin lesson. It was great.She worked me for 45 minutes. My brain got more exercise.Playing duets is the way to go. I sound so much better when there are two of us.

I wanted a busy, full day . The last appointment of my day was with my surgeon who removed what we thought was going to be cyst From the palm of my hand. I am so proud. He removed something called a dupuytren contracture. I was the first woman that he has seen with this .Yea me! usually construction workers who use jack hammers get it.The closest that I have come to a jack hammer is that our next door neighbor in Evanston had a construction business. I asked the surgeon to make the bandage really impressive. he did. It looks like I have a boxing glove on.

It's never too late to get attention any way that you can.


Motavation to Practice

I was rereading some of my" It's never too late" blogs. I don't mind saying that I like them -- some a lot. Each is still true to what I believe in, and I hope they continue to be an avenue to express my thoughts.

I some times surprise myself by the thoughts that I generate everyday. It is a fun discipline and a challenge.

I still haven't learned that I have to write down the thought as I get them. Too much goes on around me to keep some of these thoughts in my head. If I just stop and think for a few quiet minutes, the thought will reemerge--if I am lucky.

I try to keep to a pretty rigid time frame. I write my blog first thing in the morning. Then Cricket knows when I finish. I think it is the fact that I close the lid of my lap top computer. She knows that that is the signal for her walk. My day is downhill from there. The blog and Cricket are written in stone.

Since I am an early riser, I have to wait for my neighbors to wake up before I practice my violin. They say that I am sounding better. That's both embarrassing and encouraging.

I need to practice every day because it does pay off. I think that kids don't realize this lesson that took me many years to learn. Maybe if I worked on my Hebrew every day, I could get better. I have to get motivated to learn again. Maybe a trip to Israel would motivate me.! It's never too late to get excited about going to Israel. Practice makes ,if not perfect, then at least a little better.


I forget how old I am. When I refer to someone as " that older woman" ,I forget   that we are probably the same age. When I was 10 , I always put the half on it as soon as I could. 10 1/2 was so much better than 10. I am happy still to announce that I am 78 and 8 months. I like that better than saying, " I am almost 79. One is reality and the other speaks to the future. I can't decide which is better.

I like being the oldest person in the room. I was really disappointed when I learned that a sister in law was 4 months older than I was. I wanted bragging rights.

We will soon be celebrating our 60 th. wedding anniversary. That is a surprise to many people, and to us too. Actually , I am not old enough to be married that many years. It just happened. This marriage thing could work out. It's never too late, we might just have a future together!

Walking, walking

I'm excited. I read in the paper yesterday about a sport that I have forgotten  about. It is race walking . That's the walk with the funny wiggle waggle with the tush. I miss running and I miss competition , but my body just isn't on board any more. But,  I am thinking that this walking might be a solution. One foot is always in contact with the ground, so I wouldn't consider it a high impact activity. I did some research and some "you Tubing" and it looks like ,if done properly, you can move pretty quickly. Sign me up.

I contacted a running store and found a coach who will meet with me for a few sessions and show me the techniques. 

I have to confess that this will let me go out and buy new running shoes, a sports bra, socks,and mayb a "T" shirt. I do have the running shorts. I have been keeping them in the bottom of a drawer. I had bought them when I thought I would do the New York Marathon , one more time. 

Who knows, it's never too late to do a  Marathon, but this one in Jerusalem,March 2014.

Field trip

We took a field trip yesterday. We went to Ikea. I brought my camera and they supplied the pencil and lined paper for a dream list. I also signed up for a catalogue. They have an Ikea store in Israel.We had a great time.

We decided on a love seat ( apartments are small in Israel). Then we chose a closet. Israel doesn't have closets as we know them. Then we saw a bed we liked. It had 4 drawers built under the fame. Terrific idea because Bedrooms are small in Israel. Then the piece-de-resistance--- a wall unit that you could fasten a large screen TV to. We don't have a large screen TV but this was just a dream list, so who cared. Then we had lunch.!

This was almost like going to a foreign city. The signs for the products were in Swedish and even many of the styled rooms and the gadgets had a European edge to them. 

We noticed that there were many children and young teens shopping with their parents. it was a destination place for them too. And Ikea knows how to merchandise. We would view a model space, and it wouldn't be unusual to see a kid sitting on the bed or climbing onto a couch. And their food court is made for kids. At the beginning of the cafeteria line is the desserts. What's not to like. The specials of the day cost $1.99. A better deal than McDonalds.

We had a really nice time. Bob pushed their little shopping cart with the large shopping bag on it. He loves to push shopping carts. that gave me an idea. they make those walkers with seats for times that the pusher gets tired. I proposed that we could get one for a trip to Israel. Then , if he became tired while we were sight seeing,he could stop and sit. He actually liked the idea. So one more obstacle down for a long visit to Israel.

It's never too late to make plans for a dream.

Commas and run on sentences

I have been writing this blog for almost 11 months. It has become a part of me and my routine. It taught me discipline, it has helped with my poor spelling skills, but it hasn't helped much with punctuation. When I go back and reread these essays , I seem to have a number of run on sentences and many, many commas. I think we may still have some grammar books in the book case. I should review them. 

My run on sentences are another sign of my being excited about sharing whatever it is I want to say. It's hard to stop my brain.  

All of my electronic toys are good about spell check and Bob is still a whiz at spelling. that's good because I use them both-- but maybe I should use them for commas, too. And speaking of t-o-o-- I sometimes get confused with t -o and t- o- o. I know the difference , I just get too excited to use the correct one. 

Oh we'll, it's never too late to be more careful and proof read my essay before I press " save and send".

Hamburgers, my way

I judge  a restaurant by their hamburgers. if they make  a great hamburger, the way that I order it, I know that the kitchen is good.  I like my meat really rare.But warm. I have had one restaurant refuse my request for a rare hamburger. that was fine.I ordered something else and have never gone back there. I also ask if  the restaurant makes their own burger. I don't know wines, but I know two things. one is hamburgers and the other is that I know the difference between " coke" and generic cola. 

I wonder if they have good hamburgers in Israel. I've never ordered one there. Once my Grandson and I ordered steaks in a  restaurant there and I think it was the largest piece of meat that either of us have ever had on a plate. It was also a steak that a carnivore dreams about. We both still talk about it. It was a bonding experience. I suspect it wasn't kosher. It probably wouldn't have been so rare if it was. Until I went restaurant hopping with my daughter, I thought that all eateries , in Israel, were Kosher. That wasn't important to me, but it was to her.

I know that there is real Coke in Israel.You see that logo every where. I like a lot of ice in my Coke. Now I have to learn to say " much ice" In Hebrew. I will add that to the one complete sentence that I know. The sentence is " I want one beer". I haven't found that that sentence made it easier for me to communicate with Israeli's, but it made them smile.

It's never too late to ask for a hamburger done my way and if the Coke is real. that is the test of fine eating.

Rude or tough

I just found a job for me , in Israel. On my favorite NBN web site, I see that there is an ad for a police person. And you get a uniform ! The hours seem good. 4 hours a week. I think that I can handle that. It must be as a school crossing guard .I have also been reading , on that same site, about how rude many people are. There are themes to these complaints. I've read about the banking system, the cell phones, sharing lifts,and now, it's come to rudeness. This too shall pass. I haven't figured out if it Is the Americans who are rude, or if the Israelis are the villains. it'll be enlightening to read more. 

I am thinking that the Former Americans who are now new immigrants are getting comfortable about being Israeli. They feel that they have the right to complain.Life must be getting  easier for the newbies if they can start complaining. As of now, no one has given any personal stories about rudeness . That's what I am waiting for.

I do understand that to live in Israel, you have to be a little tough.It's not known for being easy.I'm not tough, I cry if you look at me in a stern way, I don't like confrontation,but I don't think I would ever be rude.Rudeness is for the insecure. Toughness is not the same. I'll be tough.It's never too late to start thinking about what I 'll say when the next person tries to get in front Of me at the grocery store.

Power Ball

I was day dreaming today because I bought a Power ball ticket. I was thinking about how I would spend the day, if I could. I would start off in New Orleans and have cafe au lait and beignets in the French Quarter. Then after sitting in Jackson Park and people watching, I would go off to San Fransciso and go to Fisherman's Warf for anything on the menu. I might want to go back to New Orleans for dinner. I know that for dessert, I want to go to Commander's for their bread pudding souffle. I bet that they would serve me without a reservation, if they knew that I won the Power Ball. I haven't looked yet to see if I won it, but knowing the odds, I better stick to day dreaming and making reservations in advance.

It's never too late for the day dreaming and it's zero calories to boot.

it's all good

There was the most beautiful sky last night. After a very sad week, seeing this sky , so streaked with reds and shades of periwinkle, it was almost as uplifting as a rainbow. This will be a good week.

Two opportunities came to me in the last 24 hours. One is  no brainer ,the other, I have to give more thought to. The founder of our community orchestra has made arrangements for all of our members to attend a local university, have a professor as our conductor,and have the use of their music library.All this is so exciting. The young mn who will be our conductor has worked with us before and he brings us to the next level of ability. When I heard this news, It envigorated me. Then a friend sent me a Picture of a 6 year old poodle who is in a kill shelter. It is so hard for me not to take him. She will take him and I will be his grandma. I hope I can stick to this plan. I don't know if I can fly with two dogs and once I commit to a pet, it's mine for life, no matter where I live.

I expect this to be a good week. It's never too late to have a fuzzy warm feeling about being alive.

 PS. I just came back from cricket's morning walk, and I saw a rainbow !

Clean your plate

Last night at services, we had the opportunity to share good news. I call this our happy minute. Someone always has something to share, from a grandchild's accomplishment to a son getting a full time job. This night, a member said that she celebrated her 78 th birthday. Then our favorite resident piano accompanier said that this week, she turned 98 and her sister,100. Who could top that. Happy minute ended on that note.

This made me think about a program that I participate in for seniors. It is a senior outreach program that let's these older, but reasonably healthy seniors come together . All live alone, some need walkers,all like the social aspect of this twice a month meeting. My committee's place is to provide a luncheon. And this is what I find of interest. No one doesn't eat because of allergies. You don't hear" I need lactose free, does this have glutton ?". This generation eats what momma puts on the plate. Someone may say that bell peppers repeat on them, but nothing stops them from enjoying the food and company. The mantra here is if you cooked it, I will eat it. That is so refreshing

It's never too late to take a lesson here and don't leave the table until you have eaten all of your food. It seems to make for a long life.


The news was not good today. In fact, it was sad and terrible. It tought me that I am not in control, that what will be, will be and that I can't be in control of when bad things might happen.Today I received three messages. One of the sad ones involves the loss of a dear pet. The family gave that special dog the best of everything. These last years were devoted to lengthening his life. His life had quality until the end.Then it was time to let him go. They will be sad for awhile, but life goes on and they will remember him and his antics fondly.

The second sadness was that a friend had a terrible home accident. She did something foolish and is lucky that the damage to her body wasn't worse. She will have decisions to make for her recovery, but at the moment, she is safe and being taken care of. She will heal. The last news was terrible and ugly. A relative of a family member, was being treated for a treatable disease. One day she was well and active, the next day the diagnosis and the fourth day a massive heart attack, intubation and resperator.

I have said,jokingly that I will save a pill so that if I can't experience life on my terms, I will still be in control. Not so fast, my daughter reminded me. After you have had the stroke or heart attack, how would I get to the pill. And who am I to determine when it is the right time. This relative of a family member, was sitting up in bed, reading get well cards, surrounded by her husband and four children. She was laughing and enjoying their hospital visit. Boom. Heart goes hay wire. She didn't know that this would be the time. If this was the time, how wonderful that she gave this gift to her husband and sons.They saw her happy and loving ,they way she usually is.

Life is not fair and I really am conflicted about where I am on the pill issue.But it's never too late to acknowledge that, really, I know that I am not the one in control.

Kosher phone

Thanks to my daughter, I now know what a Kosher phone is. It seems that I have a Kosher phone and I didn't know it. A Kosher phone is one that only allows you to call out or to recieve calls. It does not have any apps, it does not take pictures, you can't text , in other words, it is stupid. That's what I have . A stupid phone. Some over the top religious families in Israel want these Kosher phones, I guess to keep their kids isolated. I live in a world that encourages the outside world to come into my life. At 78 and 8 months old, I want to embrace everything out there.

I have this stupid phone because it does everything that I need a phone to do. Call out, call in. But I do feel out of the main stream. I see my hi tech friend look up things on google when we have a question about anything. She can read her Kindle on her phone. I don't know if I could see the print, but it's an option. She can do everything on that phone that I do with a computer and a camera, plus talk and receive phone calls. Now that is smart.

Keeping Kosher is a committment ,getting a smarter phone is only a committment to a electronic contract. It's never too late for me to take that step - if I really want to.

Connie Sommer 29.08.2020 17:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.

sharon napshin 30.08.2013 05:21

I miss your blog. I hope your hand is healing very quickly so that you can again, be my morning inspiration. Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.