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I won! A dollar

I won the lottery ! I am so excited. What can I do with one dollar? I guess buy another ticket. If I won once, I can win again. I just hope it is for a larger amount. This is the first time this whole year that we have won anything in the lottery. A lot of people are counting on me to win. I'll have to do better.

Today is the last day of the year, so what better way to start a new year than being on a winning streak .This could be an omen of things to come. I always look for symbols. This one dollar win may set me on anew course .I wonder if I should have asked for the winning ticket back so that I could frame it.

This is pathetic , to get so excited about winning a lousy dollar. I need to get out more!

It's never too late to enjoy the feeling of being a winner. I just wish that dollar win had more zero's behind it.





Only a few more days to refine my list of my expectations for the new year. I decided to use the word expectations instead of resolutions. I expect to do better, is more positive than " I resolve". Sounds to legal to me. If I don't meet my expectations, it is disappointing , but I can live with it. I expected more from me, but it didn't work out. Maybe next year!

Maybe that is why everyone loves the Chicago Cubs. Their call is " maybe next year."They too have expectations.

At the top of my expectation list is that I expect to stop playing Solitaire so much on my iPad. I always win. Mostly. I am sure that I can find something else to distract me on my apps.

It's never too late to have good intentions, I expect that of myself.


new plan

At Shabbat services ,our Rabbi encouraged us to remake our  Bar or Bat Mitzvah . So I will. But , I will read what should have been my portion, if my Orthodox Congregation had allowed women on the Bimah ! I would have been 13 in 1947. Yikes,That was a very long time ago. 

I did have a bat Mitzvah, but I was in my 40's . That was when I made my speech that started with " it's never too late".

I have a whole year to practice reading from the Torah. I am already excited about it. ( please, no fountain pens)

it will be very fitting for me to remake my Bat Mitzvah, I will have had my 80 th birthday and that is a very auspicious way to start the next phase of my lfe. I wonder what else I can do.

I think that I will make a list and every month for the entire year, I will take on a new experience. Bat Mitzvah in January, then what ? I have to give this some thought .I'm throwing out the challenge .Suggestions welcomed.

It's never too late to plan a........



Play bigger

I am not sure where I saw this truism, but I like it. It is" play bigger than you are". It just makes sense to even think it. It validates what I try to do. I want to take on challenges.  Just sometimes the challenges come uninvited, but , that's what living is all about.

Why  settle for mediocre when you can think bigger. If I think I can, I probably can. If it happens that maybe this time it didn't work out to my expectations, the next time, with this positive outlook, it could. 

I'm going to practice this . I will add it to my " you don't know, if you don't go" and " fake it until you can make it" , philosophy. All words that I live by. 

It's never too late to be bigger in my thoughts, in my attempts, in my heart. I'll let you know if it works. Stay tuned.

push/ pull

I have made an unscientific study of how the different genders push/ pull their golf carts. I was in that mindless stupor that happens when I just sit and look out at the golf course. Many of the women were pushing their carts as if they were baby strollers, while many of the men were pulling their carts as if the carts were their old red wagons, from youth. Can you buy a model of cart that does one or the other ? 

It took me years to get used to walking without a stroller to push. It wasn't natural for me to go anywhere without a child to push in a stroller. We had 3 kids before we felt the necessity of having a car.  We walked and pushed everywhere. We used taxi's if we really couldn't figure out a way to use the stroller.

Now that Bob goes with me to the grocery, he loves to push the cart. It must remind him of our pushing those strollers.Long term memory thing.

The women on the golf course look so determinend when they are pushing those carts. So purposeful. The men seem more relaxed. Maybe it is easier to pull and the women haven't figured that out yet.Maybe some government agency should have a fact finding committee look into this.It could be important.

I think that I would be a puller. I would be in control of that cart. I would show it where I want to go. If I don't go, it doesn't go.I think I just figured out the secret to life.It's never too late to take charge of all of those carts in my life.


wake up in US, go to sleep in Israel

Another group from the states ,sponsored by NBN landed in Israel yesterday. It wasn't as dramatic as when over 100 people arrive but I still find it emotional to watch the video of their arrival.

What I am always struck with is how  young and beauiful the 20 somethings are. And how no one looks confused, baffled or in a hurry to leave the airport after being in flight for 13 hours.

I did see one middle aged couple traveling with their small dog. I will show that picture to Cricket. They looked happy.Even the dog.The humans were holding up their new citizen Israeli documents. That is one of the side benefits of going on  NBN flight. All of the paper work is done as you travel. I wonder if the pet needs a license .When you get off of the plane ,you have all of the rights of an Israeli . I find that appealing.

It's never too late to keep confirming your dream, even if it is on hold for awhile longer.And try  once more to get Cicket into her travel crate.

lynn 31.12.2013 15:09

Happy Birthday Leona, and may you continue to have good luck! Don't forget our kitchen when you hit it big! Love, lynn

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Safe travels. See you soon. sally

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I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

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so glad youre here mom!

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.