It's never Too Late

I was thinking about all of the good times I've had as a runner. I never liked to be called a jogger.I didn't jog, I ran. I've been to different cities to compete ,I've met Olympians,I've come in last,I've been injured. But I've always had a great time.

Over a period of a month,a friend and I ran a psuedo marathon. We decided that we didn't want to officially run one , so we broke ours into 4 parts. We would meet once a week ,where it was that we had stopped the last time. That was fun .

I've had,in my over 25 years of running----plantar fasciites,stress fractures ,illio tibular problems,blisters, black toe nails,nasty scraps from falling,sun burn,a couple of encounters with nasty dogs and the biggest insult( at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC . a young recruit said ,as I slogged by "You are looking good Sir") Those were good times.

Then today, as I was thinking about my history of running, I thought--I can run from one end of Israel to the other and east to west. That is so cool.

I better get my running shoes on and start training because It is never too late to do what you love and in a place that you love.See you at the starting line.

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01.12 | 14:15

Safe travels. See you soon. sally

04.07 | 12:10

I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

22.05 | 12:38

so glad youre here mom!

29.08 | 17:45

Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.