May 6

Another first. My grandson invited me for dinner. Just me. And Dixie. He is so confident in the kitchen that he created a wonderful meal while I sat and slightly drooled.Rock fish, dijon cream sauce, asparagus and  cream puffs for dessert. I licked the plate with my finger to get all of the sauce up. It was that good. Dixie, who has never, while I have had her, been in anyones house ,was perfect. After dinner, my Grandson ,who has taught himself to play the piano,played some Frank Sinatra songs . Dixie actually fell asleep listening. It was very sweet. I even got picked up earlier and brought to my front door after the evening ended. When did that little boy grow up ?

May 25

Our family is very adaptable. My son has a very large sail boat in his yard. He has been working on it for several years. I think sailors do that. For the last few nights , a grandson has been sleeping in the cabin.! He says it is fine and he is not cold. He is young! Just climbing the stairs to get into the cabin looks dangerous to me. His wife is coming in tonight. They have reservations at a B&B. Much more to my liking. My daughter left this morning. I worried about her getting to the airport. We all have this directional challenge thing. And after being dropped off at the ferry, she was on her own. But she texted that she made it. I went out by myself this morning. I panicked just a little when I saw the same park twice, but I finally figured it out and made it to the hardware store , the general store and again to the grocery. One of my purchases at the hardware store was a two step step stool. There is much more storage space in a trailer than you think, but I couldn't reach it. Now I can. I have a small patch of carpet every where except the kitchen area. Noodle had a stomach issue while I was gone and guess where that happened. He looks fantastic, though, I think that his hair is actually getting thicker. And his tail looks pretty good , too. Tomorrow , another grandson leaves. I am getting confused about who will be here for dinner and who is on the ferry going to the airport. I think there are a few more grands left. I will count heads before I set the table.

April 24

This week is my first week at Boot Camp for Seniors. I think that I am the most senior person there. I don't even like the term, "senior citizen". That sounds old. Noodle is a senior dog, his parents (us) are seniors. I just figured out that if a dog advances and ages seven human years for every one of his.. than Noodle and I are the same age. But back to Boot Camp. My muscles have a memory. They remembered what they used to be able to do. I was busy concentrating on not throwing up with the physical effort, so I didn't pay too much attention to my Boot Camp mates. I think they were in the same boat with me. No one was overweight, although every one, as we introduced ourselves, said that they wanted to lose weight, even the two men. Our instructor reminded us that we were there to straighten our core , keep our balance, and be able to stand upright. I think those are admirable goals.

April 13

I picked up this library book today that caught my eye. It's called "Solve for Happy, Engineer Your path for Happiness". The author is or was CBO of Google. What caught my attention were some suggestions for being happy.Like: Let life flow. Keep what you use and give the rest away. And: Choose to be kind instead of right.How about: Be aware of the journey. This is where all of life happens. I really like self help books. I can learn so much. Now if I could put all of these sound bites into my life, I would have time to start reading the whole book.

In the beginning

I am excited about the concept of making Aliyah. Partner, not so excited. The reality is that either you  make the committment and take this step or every few years, you  take a trip to visit the country that you love. Making Aliyah would  fill in the blanks in my life experiences. I have always felt as if I missed the opportunity to be a worker on a Kibbutz, one of those strong women who worked hard to make Israel a reality. I was making other choices. All good, but other

Now,truthfully, and for years, I have not let this thought surface.I was afraid to say it out loud.Now, I am beginning to murmer the thought in a little whisper.As I get braver, I'll say it in a louder voice. Since I am just starting to find my voice, it is empowering. Just think, at my age, I have found my voice. It is never too late.

To continue reading my blog,on your screen, you should see to the left a column of "It's Never Too Late's" .Just put your curser on one after the other and you get my whole list of postings.Some are about life and some about my future move to Israel. When I do go,I would love you to take the journey with me, through this blog. Remember it is never too late to have a dream.

It's Never Too Late
leona uchitelle

Peggy 15.02.2015 00:14

Hi Leona, just got your blog. Hope that you are having an awesome experience in Israel! Just keep your head down. I miss Cricket!

Marci Vitkus 19.02.2013 19:55

Your reminder in the Food Fest Book helped me find you. It makes me sad to think you will be gone but oh so happy to be able to follow you and your next chapter

Oliver 19.02.2013 02:50

this blog tells you to follow your dreams

Debra 08.12.2012 17:42

Leona, it will be such a pleasure to connect with you in this way. We are all on a journey, eh? Love, Debra

Betsy 26.11.2012 23:37

Yours is a powerful voice You do make Israel a reality, by your empowering work at the JCV and the Jewish community. Go for it, girl! Follow your dream.

Bernice 11.11.2012 00:18

Leona, Thank you for allowing me to read your blog and getting to know you better. If the dream is to make Aliah why wait? You and your dream is awesome.

Louise Brown 10.11.2012 00:36

If this is your dream, than go for it, but don;t hurry; take your time to be very careful, as you must know. You're such a special person anyway!
Louise B.

Sharon Napshin 31.10.2012 20:20

I am in awe of the many twists and turns of your journey. Each of them add a layer of richness to an already lustrous life being lived. I envy your bravery!

Bobbie N. 22.10.2012 17:30

Heard about ur blog. U GO GIRL.....Follow ur dreams!

Irma 10.10.2012 05:31

WOW!!! For the technical part of creating a blog...but more importantly for what is in there. Your growth through the years is simply amazing! You are amazing!

Betty 10.10.2012 05:21

I can't wait to read more!!! Love the way you write and the story about empowerment is one for all of us - specially us ladies!! Thanks for sharing., Betty K

Sister in law Susie 09.10.2012 23:54

Leona: that is just wonderful. I am so pleased and proud that you are now doing this and I look forward to reading more from you. Go gal.See you soon. Susie

Marty 09.10.2012 23:27

If you can work on an airplane in Venice, you can work on a tractor in the Negev. I will drive you to the airport. More power to you! Marty

Susan 08.10.2012 23:33

You took my breath away, you are amazing to even consider it.

Judy and Joel kreiss 07.10.2012 20:25

Grt pg. vry hnst. shows strng chrtr. But you can't leave. You are our only vowel. J&JK

rivka 03.10.2012 15:43

You are an awesome role model!!!

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Safe travels. See you soon. sally

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I read the last page first too. It’s a family curse.

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so glad youre here mom!

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Don't quite know how this got to me but it was on the top line of my computer (not in email) But I really enjoyed it. I truly admire you.